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Get 20% Off Store-Wide for 4 Days Only

We’re having a sale “just because” and frankly, what better reason do we need?

Get 20% off everything in our online store*, but only until midnight Sunday.

Make sure to enter the code ‘FLASH20’ on your way through the checkout to claim your discount.

Don’t dilly-dally. Go shopping now.


The easiest way to install an operating system onto an APU

Getting an operating system on an APU can be a bit tricky.

Thankfully, we’ve found a really easy way to install an operating system onto an APU.

And it works for anything, whether that’s Voyage Linux, monowall, pfSense or something else.


What is the difference between the APU1, the APU2 and the APU3?

So what is the difference between the APU1, the APU2 and the APU3 boards?

It’s certainly something I’ve asked Paul more than once, so I can’t be the only one.

Discover the key differences between these tiny fanless computers.


5 things I love about the APU server case (video)

Our APU server cases are pretty awesome, but then maybe I’m a little biased.

Here’s five things that I love about our APU cases.


Building an APU 1 wireless server (video)

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build one of our wireless APU 1 servers?

Now you can see all the nitty gritty details in our latest timelapse video.

Watch Paul build an orange APU 1 server, with wireless card, in under 60 seconds!


Christmas and New Years hours for 2016

Thank you for being a part of our lives in 2016 and we wish you all the best for an even more amazing year in 2017.

We’re taking a 3-week break over Christmas, so here’s the important dates for our end-of-year period.


Rackmount servers price increase

Our case manufacturer recently increased the cost of all of the case parts for our specially designed rack mount server cases.

So all of our rack mount servers have increased in price by $50.


pfSense 2.3 has been released

pfSense 2.3 has just been released. You can update your install by going to System > Firmware > Auto Update in the WebGUI.

We’ll start offering it as the default on our boxes when we’re happy that it’s working well, but you can request it pre-installed on any server when you place your order.


Building an APU 1 dual board rack mount server (video)

Ever wondered what goes into building one of our dual-board rackmount servers?

Now you can see for yourself, with this timelapse video of Paul building one by hand from scratch.


Creating a bootable Linux USB drive for the APU

We’ve figured out a way to make it a gazillion times easier to install an operating system onto your APU.

Just follow along with our latest tutorial to create a bootable USB drive using Voyage Linux.


Have a Merry Christmas Clearance Sale

We’ve done a big stock clean out, so there’s a bunch of things on sale, priced at or below cost.

Everything has to go, so now’s the perfect time to grab yourself a bargain.

But only while stocks last, so get in quick.


Christmas and New Years hours for 2015

To help you plan ahead, here are the important dates for our end-of-year closure in 2015.

And may your holiday season be full of joy, love and laughter.


Fixing a pfSense IP address conflict

If you’re struggling to connect to your pfSense box via the web interface, it could be because you have an IP address conflict on your local network.

Just follow our step-by-step guide to change the IP address of pfSense® using the serial console, and you can get back to more important things.


Connecting to the serial console on your headless device

With headless devices like our our ALIX, APU and net servers, sometimes you’ll need to connect directly to them via their serial console to figure out what’s going on.

Just follow the simple steps in our latest tutorial to connect to the serial console on your headless device and get it back under control.


Clearance on 8dBi N-type antennas

We’ve dropped the price on our 8dBi N-type female antenna from $65 to just $10. Grab them while stocks last.


Thank you for supporting Voyage Linux

Thanks to everyone who has helped us donate $120 to Voyage Linux over the last six months.

We love using Voyage Linux on our hardware and in our business, and we love being able to support fantastic projects like this.

You rock!


Christmas and New Years hours for 2014

To help you plan ahead, here’s the important dates for our end-of-year period for 2014.

And thank you for your support this year and we wish you all the best for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season.


ALIX 2-3 now back in stock

We’ve got great news and not-so-great news.

The great news is that we finally have ALIX 2-3 boards back in stock. Yay!

The not-so-great news is that we’re still having supply problems, so our current stock may run out again before we can get more. Doh!


Update – September 2014

If you’ve ever wanted to add your own touch to the pfSense® software, then you might be very interested in our new tutorial on rebranding the pfSense® software.

Also in this month’s update:
– How to switch between Rident and pfSense®
– Shortage of ALIX 2-3 boards
– Rident 2.1.5 images now available
– First donation made to Voyage Linux
– Thank you for planting thousands of trees
– We have moved
– Changes to same-day shipping and hard copy invoices
– Tips & resources: Intel boot-up vulnerability, Use to run your own hosting, Hack planes via inflight WiFi


We have moved

As of today, we have relocated from our premises in Bayswater to an office in Boronia.

Please check our contact details page for our latest contact information.


Rident 2.1.5 now available

We are pleased to announce the newest release of our rebranded and optimised version of pfSense®, Rident 2.1.5.

Rident 2.1.5 is now the default version of Rident available on all of our servers.

pfSense 2.1.5 is primarily a security release. For full details of the changes in v2.1.5, please read the pfSense® documentation.


Update – August 2014

Rident firewall and router software is our rebranded, customised version of the pfsense® software, optimised for our hardware.

– How to install the pfSense® software on a net6501
– How to attach the heatsink to an APU board
– New Compex miniPCI express wireless card
– New 4GB Kingston CF card
– m0n0wall v1.8.1 released


Rident = our pfSense® software images with a new name

Our new Rident open-source firewall and router software, based on the pfSense® software, is now available.

It’s basically the same software that we’ve always offered, just with a new name and a new-ish look.


The pfSense® software usage terms have changed

The pfSense® project was acquired last year by a US company called Electric Sheep Fencing LLC, and as a result the usage terms for the pfSense® software have changed.

We will be working over the next several weeks to ensure that our website is updated to comply with the new requirements.

We are pleased to begin offering our new range of Rident™ firewall and router software images for download, which are based on the pfSense® software and optimised for our hardware.

We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion caused.


Update – June 2014

Follow along as we show you how to install the pfSense® software onto an APU board, using either the standard image from the pfSense® website or our Rident™ ready-made done-for-you images based on the pfSense® software.

Or download our ready-made Rident™ software images, based on the pfsense® software and optimised for the APU and net6501.

You can also sign up for email updates and support Voyage Linux.


Download a ready-made “Rident” image for the APU and net6501

If you’re looking to install the pfSense® software on an APU 1 board, then you’ll probably be very interested in our new ready-made Rident™ O/S images.

Our images are based on the embedded image from the pfSense® website, but have three important differences to make your life even easier:
1. The ethernet ports are pre-assigned
2. It doesn’t hang during boot
3. It resets to our factory defaults


Update – May 2014

The super-awesome APU servers are now available.
fit-PC2 end-of-life announced.
Congratulations to our competition winners.
New 8GB SD card now available.
New version of Voyage Linux released.
Add your own custom image for only $15.


fit-PC2 end-of-life announced

CompuLab have announced that the fit-PC2 and fit-PC2i will be end-of-life from October 2014.

Stock availability won’t be affected for now, but it’s a good time to stock up, pre-order parts or consider one of our other low-power desktop PCs.


Awesome APU servers now available

The new APU (awesome possibilities unlimited) server from PC Engines is here.

With a ton of features packed into the tiniest of spaces, it really is the most impressive embedded fanless server ever.

And we’re not at all biased. Not a bit.


Congratulations to our competition winners

We have three lucky winners who were the first to find five out of the six cat pictures on our new website.

Thank you so much to everyone for taking part in the fun! And if you’re itching to know where they were, then here’s a list of all six cats and their hiding places.

And have a cat-tastic day!


Cat competition hints

To help you along with our “find the cats” competition, we’ve decided to post some hints, one at a time.

So keep watching this page for more updates.

Or go looking for cats, it’s up to you.


Update – April 2014

Our new website is up and running! To celebrate, we’re running a “find the cats” competition where you can win heaps of cool prizes.

We’ve also added new products and more. Check it out.


Find the cats. Be the first. Win stuff.

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we’re running a competition.

Well, now our website has six. Six pictures of cats. Honestly.

And if you’re the first to find them, we’re going to send you some cool stuff.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go!!


fit-PC4 and Intense PC2 announced

CompuLab have announced two new miniature desktop PCs – the fit-PC4 and the Intense PC2.

They’re way faster than their predecessors, and all still packed into the same tiny, fanless enclosure.

They just keep getting better and better!


8GB Lexar CF card discontinued

Lexar, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to discontinue their 8GB Platinum II Compact Flash card.

We’ve bought up on stock, but once our supply runs out, we won’t be able to get any more.

We’re currently looking for other options and at the moment, the Kingston range looks promising.


Update – March 2014

Just a quick update to let you know about a new embedded board that’s coming soon from PC Engines – the APU – that looks incredibly awesome.

We’ve also been madly working on our new website and so haven’t been adding any new products.

If you’re after a Utilite, uSVR (MicroSVR) or a fit headless, please drop us a line, just in case we just happen to have some stock lying around.


New “APU” embedded board from PC Engines

The new “APU” embedded computer is more powerful than ever! It’s a cross between an ALIX 2-2, an ALIX 2-3 and an ALIX 6, with a dual-core 1GHz processor and 4GB of RAM thrown in.

With heaps of storage options (including support for a hard drive), 3 Gigabit ethernet ports, built-in 3G/4G support, the sky really is the limit. And it’s still just as tiny and fanless. O.M.G.

We like to think of the APU as “Awesome Possibilities Unlimited”. Coming soon!


Take a sneak peek at our new website

We’ve been promising this for a while, but we’re getting SO close I can taste it.

Here’s a screenshot of the new catalogue in case you’re a teensy bit curious.

We’re working really hard to keep the best bits of our current site, while adding lots of great new content and features, to make your transition to the new site as painless as possible.


MicroSVR approved for sale in Australia

The latest product from CompuLab – the MicroSVR (also called the uSVR) – has finally been approved for sale in Australia.

The MicroSVR is a high-performance server, which is extremely small, incredibly powerful and totally silent.

CompuLab have also introduced the Utilite – an ARM-based Cortex-AP miniature low-power desktop designed for Linux and Android systems.


New website in the works

We’re currently working on a new version of our website and hope to have it ready for you “real soon now”.

Check out this awesome collection of pfSense® software “how to” articles at

And we’re currently working on a kit that will allow you to install a LAN1841 in our rackmount net6501, creating a rackmount server with a total of eight Gigabit ethernet ports.


Intense PC now available

We finally have approval to sell the Intense PC in Australia! Yay! And for a limited time, receive a LEGO minifigure with the purchase of any Intense PC.

Extend your fit-PC3 or Intense PC with a great range of new accessories.

We also now have the LAN1841 PCI Express 4-port Gigabit ethernet adapter from Soekris Engineering, and updated versions of monowall and pfSense® software are available.


Free pfSense® book with any pfSense® software server

Get a free pfSense® book when you purchase any of our servers with pfSense® software pre-installed.

The 8GB Lexar Platinum II CF card is new this month, while the 4GB SanDisk Ultra Compact Flash cards have been discontinued.

Our 8 dBi antennas are on special at the moment and we’ve dropped the price on all of our external PSU rackmount products by a massive $90.

And have you come across Elastix PBX?


The net6501 has landed!

The net6501 combines a powerful 1.0GHz or 1.6GHz Intel ATOM CPU with four Gigabit ethernet ports and up to 2GB of RAM. Designed for use as a firewall, VPN router, internet gateway or application server, the net6501 also has the power and flexibility to function in any capacity as a dedicated network appliance. And with […]


Melbourne Cup Day closure

We just wanted to let you know that we’ll be closed on Monday, 5 November and Tuesday, 6 November 2012, which is Melbourne Cup Day here in Victoria. So if you have an urgent need for our hardware, please contact us ASAP to avoid delays. Can you help us improve our website? We’re redesigning our […]


Fast, sexy, fit-PC3!

The fit-PC3 has finally arrived! We’re kind of doing the happy dance around here :) The fit-PC3 is truly an energy-efficient desktop computer with the performance you need. What is the fit-PC3? The fit-PC3 is a powerful, rugged, energy-efficient desktop PC, able to handle any typical desktop environment. It’s also one of the toughest computers […]


Want to vehicle-mount your ALIX 2?

Have you ever wanted to create a mobile embedded computer for a car or truck, but couldn’t figure out how to mount it securely? Now you can easily and securely mount an ALIX 2-2 or an ALIX 6 in a vehicle or on any surface, with our new vehicle-mount ALIX enclosure. Our new vehicle-mount case […]


Awesome Autumn Sale!

We’ve discounted our entire range of energy-efficient, compact desktops and servers, just for you! Starting from $35 off an ALIX 1 “XL”, you can save as much as $240 off a dual-board net5501 rackmount server. Visit our shop to see all the great bargains! Available until they’re not… net6501 coming soon Yes, we think the […]


I’m just so darned proud…

I know I’m not supposed to talk about “us, us, us” because apparently it’s just not that interesting to you. But I’m just so darned proud of us that I’m going to do it anyway. My apologies in advance for boring your socks off. (Maybe you could give them to someone for Christmas!) We won! […]


Banging your head against the wall trying to install software?

Well, stop it! Does your brain hurt just trying to find the documentation, let alone read it? Want your new tiny shiny super-cool server to just work, straight out of the box? Then maybe it’s time you considered one of these options… Get the latest version of one of these pre-installed: software m0n0wall Voyage Linux […]


Get super fast wireless with the DNMA-92

802.11n wireless cards now in stock Now you can build wireless networks that are faster than your existing Cat 5 cabled LANs! We’re offering the DNMA-92 802.11n miniPCI wireless card from Wistron Neweb. Blisteringly fast, this 802.11n card, with support for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology, is capable of speeds up to 300Mbps. And […]


How To Back Up Your fit-PC2s

Back up your fit-PC2 using only a USB stick! Learn how you can back up your fit-PC2 workstation, or any USB-bootable computer, using just a USB thumb drive and some creative partitioning. We’re doing this with our machines and we thought it was so cool, we decided to write you a case study telling you […]


Case Study – James George

Using an ALIX 2-3 to streamline home office networking In our case study from James George, the winner of our “Rip Snorter” competition, learn how he used an ALIX 2-3 to simplify his home office network. Adding an ALIX 2-3 to his sometimes unusual home network, helped James to reduce noise and heat, and save […]



We have a winner James George, from Western Australia, is our “Rip Snorter” competition grand prize draw winner. James has won a fully optioned nuxV 1600 rack mount server, with dual 1.6GHz / 2GB RAM boards, plus dual 8GB CF cards and 160GB 2.5″ hard drives, valued at over $2400. Watch out next month to […]


Are you using VoIP yet?

Build your new IP-PBX/Voicemail system using a net5501 or ALIX 1 We’re now offering the A400P, a VoIP PCI card from OpenVox, as an option on our net5501 and ALIX 1 products: net5501 net5501 “XL” ALIX 1 “XL” Dual rack mount net5501 (internal PSU) Dual rack mount net5501 (external PSU) Rack mount ALIX 1 Just […]


How would you like a Christmas bonus?

A little something for your Christmas stocking… People say that getting one of our boxes is a bit like unwrapping a Christmas present. Well, now you won’t have a ‘batteries not included’ experience to spoil your surprise. All of our ALIX, net5501 and nuxV units now include a bonus null modem cable (or a PS2 […]


Get your ‘rip snorting’ server here!

Dual rackmount nuxV 1600 now available With one or two super fast, hyper-threaded 1.6GHz Atom-based boards and an enormous 2GB of RAM per board, the dual rack mount nuxV 1600 is the tiny shiny server with more than enough power to meet any demand. More than a simple firewall, the stylish nuxV server has the […]


Standard warranty doubled on ALIX and net5501

Quality products that are guaranteed to last! Well, it’s been a good three years since the LX800-based computers (the ALIX and net5501) hit the market. In that time, we’ve found them to be so reliable, that we’ve decided to double our standard warranty offering. So from now on, you get two years warranty as standard […]


Because ‘pink’ is NOT a dirty word!

Special limited edition pink ALIX 2-3 Want to buy an ALIX 2-3 powdercoated in gorgeous blush pink gloss? This limited edition pink ALIX 2-3 is for those discerning individuals who can appreciate a stunning combination of style and technology. With all the same great features and options as our standard ALIX 2-3, plus your choice […]


Thank you for your patience!

The fit-PC2’s are back in town… We finally have stock of all the fit-PC2’s and fit-PC2i’s, and we intend to keep it that way. You’ve been incredibly patient while we sorted all of this out, and we appreciate that. As our way of saying thanks, we’d like to offer you free freight on any order […]


Unexpected demand for the fit-PC2 creates shortages

OK, so maybe we expected it a just a little bit. It is one very cool computer, after all. But despite our best efforts, we find ourselves with almost empty shelves and customers clamouring for more. We were going to do a song and dance about our new fit-PC2i Windows XP and fit-PC2i network (diskless) […]


The fit-PC2i has landed!

Great news… The long-awaited fit-PC2i has arrived! What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, with two Gigabit ethernet ports and a serial port, plus the same impressive performance as a fit-PC2, you can use the fit-PC2i to create one awesome network appliance. The fit-PC2i, with Windows 7 or Ubuntu Linux, is ideal for: routing and […]


Don’t bother saving energy, buying offsets or recycling

Focus on what matters… How much time do you waste trying to figure out: ways to save more energy, which offsets to buy and how many, or how to recycle those old, broken machines? Or maybe you don’t even bother because it’s all just too much. And you know this stuff is important, but you […]


Reducing your ICT footprint just got a whole lot easier

Three new energy super-star desktops for your business Now it’s even easier to choose an energy-efficient desktop for your business, with our new fit-PC2 bundles: fit-PC2 Business package fit-PC2 Linux package fit-PC2 Home Office package Business (Windows) Business (Linux) Home Office We’ve chosen the best available components to save you the effort and time. These […]


How to save thousands by changing your PCs

Improve your green credentials and your bottom line Replacing your regular PCs with fit-PC2s will save you thousands, through: Reduced electricity usage Less air-conditioning required Buying new PCs less often To learn more: See the savings with our fit-PC2 vs regular PC comparison Visit our new fit-PC2 website Read all about the fit-PC2 Explore our […]


fit-PC2: It IS easy being green

If our website looks a bit different, it’s because we’ve gone “green” to celebrate the arrival of the energy-efficient fit-PC2 desktop computers. These new, ultra small, ultra lower power fit-PC2’s are now in stock, so you can order one now. We’ve also added the fit-PC2, network (diskless) to our range. This one doesn’t include a […]


fit-PC2: The personal computer has evolved…

With a tiny carbon footprint to match its size, the powerful 1.6GHz fit-PC2 uses only a tiny fraction of the power of a standard desktop. The world’s smallest desktop PC is built to last, ultra-reliable and super-quiet. Ideal for watching movies, music streaming, IP telephony, file serving and virtual workstations, the new generation fit-PC2 is […]


Rackmount ALIX 1

This month we bring you the fabulous, the amazing, the incredibly useful rackmount ALIX 1. With a unique modular design, the rack mount ALIX 1 allows you to add your choice of PCI cards while maintaining a highly polished appliance like feel, so your clients know they’re getting a purpose built solution, not just another […]


Solos and thanks for all the fish

Solos multi-port PCI ADSL2+ modems We’ve finally got our hands on some stock of the Solos ADSL2+ 2-port and 4-port PCI modems. Thanks for being so patient. Our stock is limited for now, although we do have more coming, so you’d better get in quick! The Solos cards also fit nicely into our ALIX 1 […]


We’ve moved!

Now in bigger and better premises We’ve just moved into new offices in Bayswater, Victoria, so some of our contact details have changed. Our main number is still 1300 859 799, but our fax number is now (03) 9720 4518 and our alternate phone number is (03) 9720 4590. However, rest assured that our old […]


Case Study: SOHO DSL Gateway / Access Point / PBX

Consolidating multiple devices in a single unit rack mount case Our case study this month is from Craig Tosi, who managed to cram a PBX, DSL gateway, router and wireless access point into a 1U rack mount case, using amongst other things a net4801 board and an ALIX 3 board. He got tired of the […]


Geek My Ride

Connecting a Mazda RX-8 to the internet with an ALIX 1 This month we bring you a very cool case study from Jonathan Oxer, who used an ALIX 1 to connect his Mazda RX-8 to the internet, allowing him to remotely monitor and control his car. Jonathan installed the ALIX 1 in the boot of […]


Prices up…

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Well, the bad news is that the price rise we promised in January has now happened. The good news is that we were able to minimise it. Except for the Senao 600mW, all our wireless cards went up by only $10, our ALIX computers by […]


Harness the power within

Introducing our new rack mount ALIX 2-3 with internal power Our dual rack mount ALIX 2-3 with internal power is our second rack mount server using our new 250mm rack mount case design, with standard IEC power connectors and stylish and durable port labels, etched into the cover plates. The boards are also able to […]


Black is back!

Introducing our new black net5501 case Powdercoated in stunning gloss black, our new case provides full access to all the features of the net5501 board, including the second serial port. Now the default option for our net5501, it also has space for a full height PCI card, and is a much neater solution, with no […]


Supersize me ALIX!

Check out our new ‘double height’ ALIX 1 Twice as tall as our previous ALIX 1 case, the new ALIX “XL” has room for a full-height PCI card, mounted above the board. In the photos, you can see it with a LAN1641 4-port ethernet card installed. It also can accommodate a 20 x 2 LCD […]


The power is within 1U

New dual rack mount case with internal power supplies Featuring internal 30W switch mode power supplies, with standard IEC connectors and illuminated power switches at the rear, this new 1RU case slots readily into your typical server rack environment. Fractionally deeper than our previous dual rack mount case, at 250mm, the new design also features […]


Ride the rainbow

Orange, yellow and green “bookshelf” cases now available Our magical rainbow of cases is back! With the addition of green, orange and yellow to our ALIX 2 “bookshelf” cases, you can now truly ‘surf’ the rainbow. Check out our ALIX case page for more stunning photos of our collection. The new colours are available for […]


Closed for maintenance on 6 June 2008

Our office will be closed on Friday, 6 June 2008 for maintenance, so if there’s anything you’re going to need desperately from us before the Queen’s Birthday weekend, please let us know well in advance. Our apologies in advance for any inconvenience, and for the frustration and disappointment we know you’ll feel as you find […]


See the devil in our details

Improved rack mount case design We really care about the details here at Yawarra. Everything has to be just so. So we thought we’d show you some of those details, in our new and improved rack mount case design. Network security never looked so good! Note: Click on any image to see it in even […]


ALIX 2 “bookshelf” case available now!

New and improved case for the ALIX 2 Our new “bookshelf” case for the ALIX 2 has finally arrived. Designed and built right here in Australia, this stylish gloss “bookshelf” case is the perfect partner for the versatile ALIX 2 boards. With an extruded, rather than folded body, this case allows you to just slide […]


New “bookshelf” case coming soon

Extruded case for the ALIX 2 We’re pretty excited about our new case design, and we think you will be too. With an extruded, rather than folded body, this new ALIX 2 case allows you to just slide the boards in and out with ease, and looks very sleek. In fact, we think it looks […]


Happy Holiday Season!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year We’d just like to wish you a very happy holiday season, and thank you for your support during 2007. This is our last news before we break for Christmas, and you won’t hear from us again until the end of February. (Unless of course something spectacular […]


More ALIX 2 & 3 boards and cases

We now have stock of the rest of the new ALIX boards from PC Engines. So this month we’ve added to our range: ALIX 2-2 board ALIX 2-2 boards, both the 433MHz/128MB RAM and the 500MHz/256MB RAM configurations ALIX 3 boards, with 500MHz/256MB RAM We also now have rack mount cases and standalone cases (due […]


ALIX 2 & 3 in stock

We finally have stock of the new ALIX 2 and ALIX 3 boards from PC Engines! So far, we have the: ALIX 2-3 boards, both the 433MHz/128MB RAM and the 500MHz/256MB RAM options ALIX 3 boards, with the 433MHz/128MB RAM option We’ll be getting stock of the other new ALIX boards in early December. We […]


The ALIX 1 is child’s play!

Using iMedia on an ALIX 1 to create an internet workstation Our featured case study this month is from Paul McGowan, our Technical Manager here at Yawarra. Paul strapped an ALIX 1 to the back of an LCD monitor to create an internet workstation for his three-year-old son, who is now exploring the joys of […]


Want to be thin?

Standalone ALIX 1 now available Wrap our new ALIX 1 case around an ALIX 1 board and build a very stylish, extremely thin client. Here’s what great about our new ALIX 1 case: powdercoated in a stylish gloss black standard holes to suit mounting on the back of a monitor or on DIN rail clips […]


The net5501 is finally here!

The new communications computer from Soekris Engineering Introducing the net5501, the new communications computer from Soekris Engineering. Compact and silent, the net5501 uses very little power, has no moving parts and is ultra-reliable, making it ideal for use as a dedicated network appliance. The net5501 shares many features with the net4801, including miniPCI and PCI […]


ALIX 1 is here

The new Mini ITX board from PC Engines Introducing the ALIX 1 board, the first in the new ALIX series of small form factor PC motherboards from PC Engines. With a 500 MHz AMD Geode LX CPU and 256 MB of RAM, the ALIX 1 continues the tradition from PC Engines of small form factor, […]


Happy New Financial Year!

Welcome to the new financial year. We hope it’s a good one for you. Please note that as of 1 July, our office hours are 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday to Friday, Melbourne time. It’s now in our part of the world.


net4801 lite is here!

Now available in red or black Our cut down case for the net4801 has finally arrived, and it looks great. With an SMA punchout, space for a hard drive and one serial port, the net4801 lite has all the same features of the net4801, except there’s no space for a PCI card or DIN rail […]


OpenBSD firewall

Using OpenBSD and a WRAP 1-2 for a firewall, router and VPN Our featured case study this month is from Joel Sing, of Ionix Technology in Bendigo, Victoria. Joel uses our WRAP 1-2 boxes with a customised version of OpenBSD to build a reliable and cost-effective firewall, router and VPN for his clients. Read more […]


SOHO m0n0wall firewall

Building a home business firewall using a WRAP 1-1 and m0n0wall Our featured case study this month is from Steve Forkin, of Forkin Consulting in Coffs Harbour, NSW. Steve used monowall on one of our WRAP 1-1 boxes to build a firewall and VPN for his home business. He also has plans to use Asterisk […]


WRAP-based PBX system

RMS uses a WRAP 1-2 and a WRAP 2 Indoor for a cost effective and powerful PBX system Our featured case study this month is from RMS, a provider of resource and reservation management software, and QuickSwitch, a provider of flexible and affordable PABX solutions. RMS replaced their old Commander PBX system with a powerful […]


Water, wireless and WRAP

MarinaNet starts using the versatile and robust WRAP Series Our featured case study this month is from AccessPlus, a provider of high speed Internet access to hotels, motels and other accommodation based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Their case study details how they started using our WRAP boxes for their MarinaNet wireless hotspot network […]


“Top Gear” Eber 230 winner

Congratulations to Paul Ridley, from Air-Stream Wireless Inc, SA Paul Ridley, a member of Air Stream Wireless Inc in South Australia, is our “Top Gear” competition grand prize draw winner. His prize is a ‘ducks guts’ Eber 230, which includes 756MB of RAM, a 512MB CF card and a 12V 4A power supply, valued at […]


Only 7 days left to win an Eber 230

Get your entry in now! Entries close for our ‘Top Gear’ competition next Thursday, 30 November at midnight. If you’ve been toying with the idea of entering, here’s some things you should know: 1. It’s really easy Just work through the questions in the competition guidelines, and before you know it you’ll have your 200 […]


It’s a case of design

New WRAP 1 cases with SMA punchouts Hot off the presses (OK, the powdercoaters) are our new WRAP 1 cases that now include SMA punchouts – two for the WRAP 1-1 and one for the WRAP 1-2. Just insert your rSMA pigtail, screw on your rSMA antenna, and you’re done. No more drilling holes – […]


Get more “grunt” with an Eber

Our new rack mount servers have arrived! Exclusive to Yawarra, the stylish rack mount Ebers are an enterprise-grade solution for slightly larger networks and more complex tasks such as intrusion detection and spam filtering. Starting at just $950 for the Eber 210, the Ebers’ low price and small size also make them ideal for running […]


Take advantage of us!

Diners Club cards now accepted We’ve added Diners Club to our range of accepted credit cards. Just select it from the card types when you choose to pay by credit card on your way through the checkout. So now that we accept your credit card – Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express or Diners Club – […]


Slow news month!

Working hard but nothing to show for it Well, we’ve been working hard this month, but it seems there’s not really much worth shouting about. So, rather than inventing news, we’ll just wish you a Happy New Financial Year and leave you to read the few minor things that have changed around here lately. In […]


Ubiquiti SR2 400mW now available!

Get even more power in 802.11b/g The Super Range 2 from Ubiquiti was the world’s first 400mW 802.11bg miniPCI wireless card. Released in 2005, the SR2 uses the widely-supported 4th-generation Atheros chipset. With 400mW of power in the 2.4GHz band and excellent receive sensitivity, this card is ideal for long-range links. Use this card with […]


Go wireless on a budget

New low-cost wireless cards available now Introducing the Compex 100mW 802.11bg and 200mW 802.11bg miniPCI wireless cards. With 100mW and 200mW of power respectively in the 2.4GHz band, these cards are an economical way to kick-start your wireless network. And they’re available as wireless kits, too. FREE stuff Save up to $100 Get free reverse […]


Ubiquiti SR5 400mW now available!

Get even more power in 802.11a You’ve been asking and asking us if and when we were going to get the Ubiquiti Super Range cards. Well here’s the SR5, and keep an eye out in the coming months for the SR2. With 400mW of power in the 5.8GHz band and excellent receive sensitivity, the Ubiquiti […]


Go faster, higher, further than ever before!

Senao 400mW 802.11abg miniPCI wireless card now available With 400mW of power and dual-band capabilities, the Senao 400mW is the card for long-range, high-speed wireless connections in any situation. This card can do up to 11Mbps at 400mW and 54Mbps at 200mW in the 2.4GHz band. That’s like, really fast. software has arrived Get it […]


If one’s good, then two’s better!

Build your ideal rack-mounted solution with our new rack mount server Take your pick of boards and options to create the perfect rack-mounted system. Here’s what great about our rack mount server: it’s designed to fit two boards in one 19″ 1RU rack mount case, making it ideal for redundant systems the boards slot into […]


Now with 23% more usefulness

Ring us on our new number Ring us from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call on our new telephone number – 1300 859 799. Now it’s even easier to pick up the phone and give us a call. So you can treat us like we’re just next door. Take a look […]


And now for something completely different!

New and improved net4801 case We’re proud to present the new Yawarra net4801 case. Here’s what great about our net4801 case design: it’s powdercoated matt black you get easy access to the second serial port via a serial extension cable to a DB9 connection mounted in the rear of the case you can access the […]


They’re here!

New and improved WRAP 1 cases We’re really excited about our new range of cases for the WRAP 1-1 and WRAP 1-2, and we hope you will be too. Here’s what great about our cases: powdercoated in a great range of colours captive nuts for the case screws means no more stripped threads larger finger […]


Introducing the WRAP 2 Indoor

Now there’s a stylish indoor case for the WRAP 2 This new extruded aluminium case is compact, sturdy and attractive, and includes rails for the board – providing easy access to the cards – and SMA pigtail punchouts. Use this simple box to create a versatile and reliable wireless access point, or even a server. […]


New case colours coming soon!

Watch this space… Thank you to everyone who voted in our case colours quick poll. We’ve chosen our colour range for our new and improved WRAP 1-1 and WRAP 1-2 cases and they’re in production. Not long now! So keep watching to be the first to get your hands on one. 64MB CF cards are […]


Thank you!

It’s now been six months since we launched our website and we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us in that time, by visiting our website, giving us feedback and buying from us. We’re still here and going strong, and we couldn’t have done it without you! To show our appreciation, we’re offering discounted […]


Pre-installed OS images now available

Just plug it in and go! We’ve created some ready-made OS images for the WRAP and the net4801. Choose from OpenBSD, m0n0wall and Linux. Installation is free when you buy a WRAP 1-1, WRAP 1-2, WRAP 2 Outdoor or net4801 pack. Just select the OS you want in the product options, and your order will […]


Happy new (financial) year!

Some prices have gone down… We’ve dropped the price of our net4801 box by $20, and our WRAP 1-1 and WRAP 1-2 boxes by $5. We’ve also cut $5 off the price of our WRAP 1-1, WRAP 1-2, WRAP 2 and net4801 boards. …and some have gone up Our reverse SMA pigtails and antennas are […]


High power wireless

Senao 200mW miniPCI wireless card now available We’ve added the Senao 200mW 802.11b miniPCI wireless card to our wireless range. This 200mW card gives you the power you’ve been looking for. With the right antenna, you can finally cover the distance and get connected. You can pick up one of these high power wireless cards […]


Boards, boards, boards

Buy the board, the whole board and nothing but the board! Having requested – and received – clarification from the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) regarding EMC compliance of our motherboards, we are pleased to now be able to offer the boards for sale without a case. In order to comply with ACA emissions regulations, the […]


Outdoor wireless is here!

WRAP 2 Outdoor now available Need to get out more? Great news! Our WRAP 2 Outdoor has now been approved for sale in Australia, and we have stock ready to ship right now. Jump in line to be one of the first in Australia to own one of these tiny shiny cool machines. Order now, […]


Lower prices and more products

Great news! We’ve dropped the price of our WRAP and net4801 hardware. In response to customer feedback and as part of our ongoing commitment to excellent customer service, we have recently conducted a pricing review on our entire range of products. Thanks to a strengthening Aussie dollar and savings made by purchasing in bulk, we […]


Open for business!

After much blood, sweat and just a few tears, our website is finally ready. We hope you enjoy your online experience at Here’s just a few of the things you can do while you’re here: Find out who we are and what we do.   Have a look at all the great products in […]


Competition winner

Congratulations to Kevin Dawson on winning our brand new shiny WRAP 1D-1. Thank you to everyone who filled out our survey. We had a great response and a lot of valuable feedback. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.