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Lower prices and more products

Great news!

We’ve dropped the price of our WRAP and net4801 hardware.
In response to customer feedback and as part of our ongoing commitment to excellent customer service, we have recently conducted a pricing review on our entire range of products.
Thanks to a strengthening Aussie dollar and savings made by purchasing in bulk, we are pleased to be able to provide price decreases on our range of WRAP and net4801 products.
We have also introduced a number of new products to our online shop, so please take a look at our great new range.

New products

We now offer a basic WRAP box, for only $295, and a basic net4801 box for only $495. These computers come with a board and case only, ready for you to add your choice of storage options, power supply and expansion cards.
Want to make your box wireless? We have 802.11a/b/g wireless cards for $130, plus reverse SMA type pigtails for $8 with matching 5 dBi antennas for $12.
Need more power? We now have 12V DC power packs, in 1A unregulated for $15 and 1.5A regulated for $35.
Keep your hardware safe from static. To save you zapping your boards, use an anti-static wrist strap, now available for $12.

Now with added information!

To help you figure out which is the right box for you, we’ve added some general information on our range of small form factor computers, as well as a great comparison table for the WRAP and net4801 products, in our new ‘Product Info’ section, which you can access through the main menu.

Useful stuff

Want to know what time it is in London or New York? Use our nifty ‘World Times’ popup to keep track of times around the world. Displaying the current times in London, New York, Tokyo and Melbourne, this little window is incredibly handy. Just click on the link above or on the ‘Melbourne’ time in the left hand of the bottom bar on any page to launch it.
Although it only shows these four cities for now, we have plans to make it customisable, so let us know what additional features and options you’d find useful.