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ALIX 2-3 news and articles

ALIX 2-3 now back in stock

We’ve got great news and not-so-great news.

The great news is that we finally have ALIX 2-3 boards back in stock. Yay!

The not-so-great news is that we’re still having supply problems, so our current stock may run out again before we can get more. Doh!


Update – September 2014

If you’ve ever wanted to add your own touch to the pfSense® software, then you might be very interested in our new tutorial on rebranding the pfSense® software.

Also in this month’s update:
– How to switch between Rident and pfSense®
– Shortage of ALIX 2-3 boards
– Rident 2.1.5 images now available
– First donation made to Voyage Linux
– Thank you for planting thousands of trees
– We have moved
– Changes to same-day shipping and hard copy invoices
– Tips & resources: Intel boot-up vulnerability, Use to run your own hosting, Hack planes via inflight WiFi


Streamlining a home office network

Working for a large multi-national IT company, James George found that his home network requirements went beyond the average garden-variety Wi-Fi ADSL modem/router/internet-in-a-box home networking solution.

After a friend recommended the pfSense® software, James sprang for a neat little ALIX 2-3 with a 2GB CF card in a tasteful orange box.

Within no time his orange box had taken over many roles, while reducing heat, electricity and noise, and saving space.

And it earned him a hug from his wife.