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Update – April 2014

We’ve finally launched our new website

Rocket launch

We have lift-off!

In case you hadn’t noticed, our new website is up and running.

We hope you find it even easier to use than our old one, with all the same great features and information.

It’s certainly going to make it heaps easier for us to offer new products and add useful information, like news, tutorials and case studies.

So we have our fingers crossed that the changeover is as painless as possible for you.

And we apologise in advance for any bugs you find, and for making you spend time adjusting to something new.

If you’re having any troubles with it at all, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 859 799 and we’ll help you out.

New miniature PCs announced

CompuLab have announced two new super-fast mini desktop computers – the fit-PC4 and the Intense PC2.

They just keep getting better and better!

8GB Lexar Platinum II cards discontinued

Lexar have decided to discontinue their 8GB Platinum II Compact Flash card. So once our supply runs out, we won’t be able to get any more.

We’re currently looking for other options and at the moment, the Kingston range looks promising.

Find the cats. Be the first. Win stuff.

LEGO President Business

Find the cats. Win Lego. Start now!

Have you seen our latest competition?

We’ve hidden six pictures of cats around our new website.

If you’re one of the first to find at least five of them, you could win some awesome prizes, including a LEGO minifigure from the latest series, Series 12 – The LEGO Movie.

In other news

New products

This month we’ve finally added the Utilite Linux desktop and uSVR micro server to our range.

We’ve also added the fit-headless adapter, so you can access your desktop PC remotely without needing to plug in a monitor, as well as the Geos mini server.

Product changes

You can now get Windows 8 on the fit-PC3 and Intense PC, and you can also save $50 if you choose to install Windows for yourself.

And the Senao 600mW wireless card is now end of life, so we won’t we able to get any more. We’re currently exploring other options and our apologies for any hassles.

Price changes

Our ALIX 1 IDE hard drive bracket is now half-price, and you can get Windows XP Home on a fit-PC2 for only $10.

Due to exchange rate fluctuations and increased prices from our supplier, we’ve had to increase the price of all of our mini desktop computers by around $100.

And if you want to see the products that are on sale, now you can just visit our specials list.