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The easiest way to install an operating system onto an APU

Getting an operating system on an APU can be a bit tricky.

Thankfully, we’ve found a really easy way to install an operating system onto an APU.

And it works for anything, whether that’s Voyage Linux, monowall, pfSense or something else.


Update – August 2014

Rident firewall and router software is our rebranded, customised version of the pfsense® software, optimised for our hardware.

– How to install the pfSense® software on a net6501
– How to attach the heatsink to an APU board
– New Compex miniPCI express wireless card
– New 4GB Kingston CF card
– m0n0wall v1.8.1 released


Intense PC now available

We finally have approval to sell the Intense PC in Australia! Yay! And for a limited time, receive a LEGO minifigure with the purchase of any Intense PC.

Extend your fit-PC3 or Intense PC with a great range of new accessories.

We also now have the LAN1841 PCI Express 4-port Gigabit ethernet adapter from Soekris Engineering, and updated versions of monowall and pfSense® software are available.