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Competition news and articles

Update – May 2014

The super-awesome APU servers are now available.
fit-PC2 end-of-life announced.
Congratulations to our competition winners.
New 8GB SD card now available.
New version of Voyage Linux released.
Add your own custom image for only $15.


Congratulations to our competition winners

We have three lucky winners who were the first to find five out of the six cat pictures on our new website.

Thank you so much to everyone for taking part in the fun! And if you’re itching to know where they were, then here’s a list of all six cats and their hiding places.

And have a cat-tastic day!


Cat competition hints

To help you along with our “find the cats” competition, we’ve decided to post some hints, one at a time.

So keep watching this page for more updates.

Or go looking for cats, it’s up to you.


Find the cats. Be the first. Win stuff.

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we’re running a competition.

Well, now our website has six. Six pictures of cats. Honestly.

And if you’re the first to find them, we’re going to send you some cool stuff.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go!!