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It’s a case of design

New WRAP 1 cases with SMA punchouts

Hot off the presses (OK, the powdercoaters) are our new WRAP 1 cases that now include SMA punchouts – two for the WRAP 1-1 and one for the WRAP 1-2.

Just insert your rSMA pigtail, screw on your rSMA antenna, and you’re done. No more drilling holes – for you or us! And if you don’t want an antenna, just leave the rubber blanking plugs in for a very neat finish.

So far they’re only available in red, but we’ll be gradually moving all of our WRAP 1 cases across to the new design. Check out our case info page for more photos.

To get one, just select the ‘red with SMA punchout’ option when choosing the case colour for your next order.

New net4801 and Eber cases being developed

Meet Neville, our product engineer.

Neville’s been working hard improving our case designs and you can see him here, testing a prototype for our new net4801 case.

Powdercoated in stunning ‘space blue’ with a larger space on the left and one serial port, the new case will fit – and give you access to – standard height PCI cards (up to 95mm), including the Digium TDM400 VOIP card.

Our new net4801 case will be ready next month, so keep watching. And did we mention it’s blue?

And when that’s all done, Neville’s next task is to design standalone cases for the Eber series. Can’t wait for that one.

In other news…

New products

We’re now offering the 12V 4A regulated power supply, designed for use with our rack mount Ebers, as a separate product.

Price changes

Due to rising copper prices, we’ve had to increase the price of our 12V 1A unregulated power supply to $20. Bummer, hey?

Product changes

Our PPOE injectors and PPOE kits are now called ‘Passive POE’ to distinguish them from 802.3af compliant active POE equipment.

And in case you weren’t sure, our WRAP 1 and net4801 boxes don’t include a pigtail or antenna when you select a wireless card in a miniPCI slot. If you want an rSMA pigtail or antenna, you’ll need to buy them separately.

Our online shop previously listed our Voyage O/S image as 256MB, instead of 128MB, which means that you can actually fit it onto a 128MB CF card if you want to. Our apologies for any confusion.

Extra bits

pfSense® v1.0 finally released!

The pfSense® system, the open source firewall derived from monowall, was officially released on October 13.

Utilising pf as the firewall basis, this distribution has been in development for two years and offers firewalling, traffic shaping, clustering, load balancing and more, all managed via an easy-to-use WebGUI.

Visit our OS images page to download it or add it to your next order.

Only 5 weeks left to win an Eber 230

There’s now only five weeks left before our Eber 230 competition closes, so keep working on those case studies. If you have any questions, or need some help, please drop us a line.

New FAQs: Who built the website and is it for sale?

We’ve added two new FAQs to our collection – who built your website and can I buy a copy. So check them out if you’re interested in the answers.

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