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More ALIX 2 & 3 boards and cases

We now have stock of the rest of the new ALIX boards from PC Engines.

So this month we’ve added to our range:

  • ALIX 2-2 board ALIX 2-2 boards, both the 433MHz/128MB RAM and the 500MHz/256MB RAM configurations
  • ALIX 3 boards, with 500MHz/256MB RAM

We also now have rack mount cases and standalone cases (due in the next couple of days) for the 500MHz ALIX 2-3 boards (i.e. with USB punchouts), so you can choose 500MHz/256MB RAM under Speed/Memory on the ALIX 2-3 or the dual rack mount ALIX 2-3.

We don’t yet have indoor cases for the 500MHz ALIX 3 boards or the 500MHz ALIX 2-2 boards. We’re working on having those in the new year.

Note: Our waterproof outdoor case does suit the 500MHz ALIX 3 board – you just don’t get access to the USB.

We can still only offer you OpenBSD 4.2 or Voyage Linux 0.4.1 on the ALIX boxes. m0n0wall’s current beta has preliminary support for the ALIX boards, and the pfSense® software does not support them at all yet. We’ll keep you posted.

For more information on the ALIX range, please visit our ALIX information page under ‘Computers’ in the menu, or check out our new ALIX products in the online shop.

In other news…

New products

SanDisk have very helpfully discontinued their entire range of standard CF cards. The good news is that the Ultra II cards are now the same price as the standard CF cards, so this month we’re offering the 2GB Ultra II and 4GB Ultra II cards.

Product changes

We’re also getting low on 128MB Compact Flash cards. The good news is that we’ve managed to source some 256MB cards which we’ll offer once all the 128MB cards are gone.

We’re down to our very last WRAP 1-2 boards. They might just last until Christmas at this rate.

We’ve also run out of 50cm N-male to N-male pigtails and given how many of them we were(‘nt) selling, we’ve decided not to get any more.

Extra bits

OpenBSD images updated

OpenBSD v4.2 has been released and our CF card images have been updated. Visit our OS images page to download them or add one to your next order.

Know anyone who wants a job?

We’re currently looking to fill the newly-created position of Storeperson (IT) in our business.

There’s an overview of the job on our new jobs page, so if you know anyone who might be suitable/interested, we’d really appreciate it if you’d tell them about it.

Christmas & New Years information

To help you plan ahead, here are the important dates for our end-of-year period:

Thursday, 20 Dec, 1:00PM – The absolute latest you’ll need to place (and pay for) your order by, if you want it to arrive before Christmas.

You’ll need to order even earlier if you’re outside of the Express Post area (ask us if you’re not sure), or if it’s a large order. Of course we’ll happily process your last minute order, but we just can’t guarantee it’ll arrive in time. So get in early, OK?

Friday 21 Dec, 1:00PM – When we close for our Christmas break.

Tuesday 8 Jan, 9:00AM – When we reopen after our Christmas break.

You’re more than welcome to place orders via the website during this period, but we won’t be answering the phones, shipping orders, or responding to emails until we reopen.

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