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Are you using VoIP yet?

Build your new IP-PBX/Voicemail system using a net5501 or ALIX 1

We’re now offering the A400P, a VoIP PCI card from OpenVox, as an option on our net5501 and ALIX 1 products:

  • net5501
  • net5501 “XL”
  • ALIX 1 “XL”
  • Dual rack mount net5501 (internal PSU)
  • Dual rack mount net5501 (external PSU)
  • Rack mount ALIX 1

Just add up to four FXO (lines) and FXS (handset) modules to the A400P card to build an incredibly flexible Asterisk-based VoIP phone system.

Now you can create the IP telephony system that you’ve always wanted.

2GHz fit-PC2 now available

There’s good news and bad news

The good news – We now have stock of the 2GHz/2GB RAM fit-PC2s and fit-PC2i’s.

The bad news – The 2GHz chipset (Intel Z550) is being discontinued, so they’ll only be available for a limited time.

The good news – We’ll be able to get models with 1.6GHz and 2GB RAM later on this year.

The gooder news – CompuLab are currently working on an even more powerful low-power PC, available later this year. Keep watching!

fit-PC2i price drop

Now it’s all about the features

We’ve dropped the price on all of our fit-PC2i’s, to match the fit-PC2s.

So now you have decide which one you want based on features, rather than price.

Here’s a handy comparison of them all, to make your job a bit easier.

Just 10 days left to win a nuxV 1600!

Best get writing, huh?

I’m sure your case study is all done, and you’re just adding the final touches before sending it to us.

Just in case it’s not quite up to that stage, here’s your friendly reminder to get a move on!

You’ve got until midnight on Monday, February 28 to submit your entry.

So that gives you one more week and two weekends to get it done.

Have you seen just how cool the nuxV 1600 rackmount server is?

This one is definitely worth the effort.

What?! You’re still here?! Go on. Off you go…..

Order by noon, get it shipped today

Our same-day shipping deadline is now 12PM (midday).

So if you order in the morning, and pay by credit card, we can ship your order in the afternoon.

Of course, not all orders can be shipped same day (due to stock availability and processing requirements), but you get the idea.