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Case Study – James George

Using an ALIX 2-3 to streamline home office networking

In our case study from James George, the winner of our “Rip Snorter” competition, learn how he used an ALIX 2-3 to simplify his home office network.

Adding an ALIX 2-3 to his sometimes unusual home network, helped James to reduce noise and heat, and save space and running costs.

And as an added bonus it also increased his WATF (Wife Appreciation/Tolerance Factor)!

James is now looking forward to finding time to play with his shiny new nuxV 1600 rack mount server.

Read more on our case studies page.

Did you know that it’s the International Year of Forests?

Check out the forests you’ve planted!

The United Nations has declared 2011 to be the International Year of Forests.

And we’re so pleased to be adding to the number of trees in Australia through our four trees program.

So here’s some happy snaps of the trees you’ve helped us to plant so far.

Nhill, Victoria

This property is located in Yanac near Nhill in Victoria, adjacent to a large nature reserve.

It is a 425 hectare site, which was direct seeded in June 2009, resulting in over 400,000 trees, one thousand of which were “planted” by you.

The property had been used for cropping and grazing in the past, and had been cleared frequently.

The land had not been too disturbed by ploughing or stump removal and so remains close to its original condition.

The site has now been revegetated with a range of native species, including:

  • Acacia
  • Eucalyptus
  • Melaleuca
  • Leptospermum
  • Callitris

and more…

Thank you for helping us to get closer to our goal of planting half a million trees over the next five years.

Our thanks go also to Greenfleet for taking care of your trees on our behalf.

net6501 on the way

The latest offering from Soekris Engineering

The net6501 is a new small-form-factor computer currently being developed by Soekris Engineering.

It’s based on a 600MHz to 1.6GHz Atom E6xx processor, with four Gigabit ethernet ports, and up to 2GB of RAM.

It also has two SATA 3 interfaces, 2 serial ports, USB 2.0, 2 miniPCI express slots and 2 PCI express slots.

The net6501 has been designed for long life and low power, and is ideal for use as a firewall, VPN router, internet gateway or for small server applications.

First production boards are coming soon, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have more information.

Get twice the size for the same price

320GB hard drive now standard on the fit-PC2 and fit-PC2i

Now you can get twice as much space in your fit-PC2 for the same price!

Our standard 2.5″ hard drive option is now a 320GB, instead of 160GB, with no change in price.

Of course, you can still choose a 30GB SSD instead.

The 160GB hard drives are only available on the nuxV 1600 rack mount server and the net5501 computers for a limited time.

m0n0wall and Voyage updated

m0n0wall 1.33 and Voyage Linux 0.7.0 now available

We’ve updated our monowall and Voyage operating system images to the latest versions.

You can get an operating system installed for free when you buy one of our little boxes or a rack mount server.

Or get one added to any Compact Flash card for just $10.

Or you can download it and install it yourself from our operating systems page.

Shipping costs go up

Our standard shipping charges have gone up by a dollar or two, so a small parcel now costs $11 and a medium parcel (one ALIX 2-3) now costs $15.
As always, the love and care we put into packaging your order is unsurpassed.

You can see the total shipping cost for your order as you add items to your cart, and also as you check out.

For more information, please visit our shipping information page.

Old phone numbers go bye-bye

Please use our new fax number – 03 9720 4518

It’s now been two years since we moved to our new premises, and our old numbers have finally been disconnected.

If you need to send us a fax, please note that our fax number is 03 9720 4518, and the old number (03 9800 2279) will no longer work.

You can find all of our current contact details on our ‘Contact Us’ page.