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Thank you for supporting Voyage Linux

We’d just like to say thanks!Voyage Linux logo

We’re really grateful to everyone who has taken us up on our offer, and joined our mailing list.

As a result, we’ve been able to donate $120 to Voyage Linux over the last six months.

And while it might not seem like a huge amount in the overall scheme of things, it means a lot to us.

And it means a lot to Punky from Voyage Linux, as you can see from this special thanks he posted on his site back in December:

“We would like to express our warmest thank you to Yawarra for their generous donation and support. It is not about the amount of money donated, but the support to the community through any form of donation is crucial to encourage continuation of the project. “

You can read his full post on the Voyage Linux site.

Voyage is our favourite Linux

Did you realise that Voyage Linux is also our favourite Linux distro?

Here’s a few of the reasons we love using Voyage Linux on our hardware and in our business.

1. It’s small

Voyage Linux is small enough to run on practically any flash media.

2. It’s full featured

Despite being so compact, Voyage Linux is full-feature enough to do just about anything regular Linux can do, and then some.

3. It’s versatile

There are so many cool things you can do with Voyage Linux, and so many ways you can tweak it to do whatever you need it to do.

4. It’s designed for embedding

Voyage Linux is designed to run from flash media on low-powered devices, which opens up a world of possibility. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Here’s a list of just some of the things we’ve built with Voyage Linux over the years:

  • a Compact Flash duplicating machine with LCD display (using ALIX 1 & lcd4linux)
  • an SMS gateway (using ALIX 2 & smstools)
  • a music on hold appliance (using ALIX 1 & MPD)
  • a GPS vehicle logger (using ALIX 1 ,a serial port GPS receiver & and custom perl)
  • an off-site backup machine (using ALIX 2, USB external disk & rsync and ssh)
  • custom backup/recovery USB sticks for Windows PC’s (using ntfstools)
  • custom Windows/Linux/BSD installers for embedded PC’s (using dd, ntfstools, partimage)

5. It’s a long-term thing

This is a piece of software that’s been around for over 10 years, which is long enough for us to trust that it will continue for many years to come.

Especially when awesome people like you get behind us to support the project even further.

And every time you use Voyage Linux, help someone else use Voyage Linux, or even just recommend it to someone, you’re ensuring that this great software has a long and happy future.

We love being able to support fantastic projects like this, and we think this is how the world should work – great people supporting great projects, making the world great for everyone.

So thanks!

You can also download a ready-made image of Voyage Linux or check out our range of Voyage Linux-ready servers in the shop.

And have an awesome day.

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