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Go wireless on a budget

New low-cost wireless cards available now

Introducing the Compex 100mW 802.11bg and 200mW 802.11bg miniPCI wireless cards.

With 100mW and 200mW of power respectively in the 2.4GHz band, these cards are an economical way to kick-start your wireless network.

And they’re available as wireless kits, too.

FREE stuff

Save up to $100

Get free reverse N-type pigtails and antennas when you buy a WRAP 2 Outdoor.

Just click the ‘FREE stuff’ link in the options list or select ‘rev N’ in the pigtail and antenna options and pay $0.00!

But only while stocks last!

Go further with PPOE

18V 1A regulated power supply now available

This 18V power supply is ideal for PPOE over longer distances.

A higher voltage means less voltage drop over a long cable run, which means that you can get your box to work from even further away.

Our PPOE kit now also ships with this 18V power supply.

In other news…

New products

Our range of miniPCI wireless cards has increased yet again, with the introduction of the low-cost Compex WLM54G 100mW and 200mW cards, also available as wireless kits.

And we’ve got our hands on some 18V 1A regulated power supplies, which means less voltage loss for PPOE.

Price changes

Our PPOE kit has gone up by $5 with the addition of the new and improved 18V 1A regulated power supply.

Now you can save an impressive $20 on a WRAP 1-1 or WRAP 1-2, by choosing an old-style anodised case or the more adventurous ‘any old colour’ option.

Extra bits

World times now customisable

Our handy dandy ‘World Times’ popup is now customisable. Just click on the time in the lower left hand of any page on our website to show this surprisingly useful tool.

Click the ‘Customise’ link and select from hundreds of timezones from around the world to keep an eye on your special locations. Give them any name you like, click save, resize the window to suit, and have it all remembered.

Never have to try and figure out what time it is in Guatemala or Greenland again! Very cool.

Get started with wireless

We’ve added a page with a great introduction to wireless technology, which you’ll find under ‘Wireless’ in the menu.

On our wireless info page you’ll find a handy comparison of the popular 802.11 standards, a list of the things you’ll need to get started, and links to some useful tools, like EIRP calculators and a dBm to Watt conversion table.

We don’t claim to be experts, so please let us know if you find any errors or have suggestions for additional content.

What does this mean?

We’ve also started compiling a glossary of useful (and sometimes confusing) terms.

You’ll also find ‘What does this mean?’ links to the glossary sprinkled throughout the website and we’ll keeping adding to these over time. Just put your mouse over a word and see if it turns red, and then click to see a definition.

Please let us know if you think there’s some other terms that should be in there, or if one of our definitions is just wrong.

OpenBSD and Voyage images updated

Our OpenBSD image has been updated to v3.9 and our Voyage Linux image is now v0.2 and 50% smaller, at only 128MB.

Visit our OS images page to download them or add one to your next order.