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Build a server with style

Wrap one of our rackmount enclosures or slimline cases around an ALIX or net board, and you’ve got a solution that works brilliantly AND looks awesome!

Simple to use, incredibly compact and good-looking, these fanless cases make it easy for you to create a business-grade server that your clients will love.

From the professionally finished ALIX 2 “bookshelf” case, to the water and dust resistant ALIX 3 Outdoor case, to our dual board rack mount server cases, you’re sure to find something to suit.

And if not, we can always design and build it for you.

Rackmount enclosures

Dual rackmount server with dual boards

Pack a whole lot more into a small space with our dual-board rackmount cases

Pack a whole lot more into a small space

  • Fit a powerful rackmount server in a tiny space with these compact, dual-board rackmount cases for the net6501, net5501, ALIX 2-3 and APU 1
  • Build the perfect redundant system with cases that have space for two boards in just 1 rack unit
  • Save space in your server rack with these super-shallow enclosures
  • Keep your server room cool and quiet with a completely fanless enclosure that also has excellent heat dissipation
  • Create a professional-looking solution in a stylish case with a black anodised face and matching cover plates and hex screws
  • Mount the boards you want, in any combination, with a selection of slide rail kits, mounting kits and cover plates to suit

Network security never looked so good!

ALIX cases

Bookshelf case (ALIX 2 / ALIX 6) rainbow stack

Create a tiny, robust and colourful appliance with our slimline ALIX cases

Create a tiny, rugged and colourful appliance

  • Build a compact and stylish server with these slimline cases designed specially for the ALIX 1, ALIX 2, ALIX 3 and ALIX 6.
  • Save space on your desk or server cabinet with a firewall or access point that takes up as little space as possible
  • Get easy access to a PCI card, Compact Flash card or second serial port with specially designed cases
  • Securely mount your ALIX server in a car, boat, truck or bus and on walls, in ceilings and under floors with a vehicle mount case
  • Install your server in any outdoor or industrial location, with a weatherproof, rust-proof, dust-resistant and water-resistant case
  • Create a business-grade solution in these stylish and durable cases with a powdercoat finish in a great range of colours
  • Keep your servers cool and quiet with completely fanless enclosures that have excellent heat dissipation

They’re small, they’re sturdy and they’re super-reliable.

net cases

net6501 XL case rear straight

Create a powerful impression with compact and stylish cases for the net5501 and net6501

Create a powerful impression

  • Fit your server into a really small space, with a super-tiny footprint
  • Create a professional-looking solution in this stylish and durable case with a black powdercoat finish and matching hex screws
  • Get easy access to a full-height PCI card mounted above the board via a removable blanking plate
  • Gain access to the second serial port via a serial extension cable to a DB9 connection mounted in the rear of the case
  • Keep your servers cool and quiet with a completely fanless enclosure that has excellent heat dissipation
  • Feel confident that your server is built to last in a case that’s light yet strong

An amazing amount of power in one very small, stylish package.

Want more?

If you need something a little different, we have the skills to design the right case for your project.

Get in touch and let’s see what we can create together.

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