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Awesome APU servers now available

Build a compact, powerful server with amazing flexibility

APU 1 board

Get all the features you need in one single, small embedded computer

Remember the APU?

The new “awesome possibilities unlimited” server from PC Engines?

With a ton of features packed into the tiniest of spaces?

Well it’s here, and sporting a dual-core 1GHz processor and 4GB of RAM, the APU really is the most impressive embedded fanless server ever.

And we’re not at all biased. Not a bit.

It also has heaps of storage options (including support for a hard drive), 3 Gigabit ethernet ports, and built-in 3G/4G support.

And it fits into our existing bookshelf and rackmount cases.

Woo hoo!

APU 1 rainbow of case colours

The possibilities are awesome and unlimited with the new APU 1

So that means we can offer you:


I’m just taking a moment to soak in all of that awesomeness.

And now, if you want, you can:

And have an incredible day!