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5 things I love about the APU server case (video)

Our APU server cases are pretty awesome, but then maybe I’m a little biased.

Here’s five things that I love about our APU cases.


Streamlining a home office network

Working for a large multi-national IT company, James George found that his home network requirements went beyond the average garden-variety Wi-Fi ADSL modem/router/internet-in-a-box home networking solution.

After a friend recommended the pfSense® software, James sprang for a neat little ALIX 2-3 with a 2GB CF card in a tasteful orange box.

Within no time his orange box had taken over many roles, while reducing heat, electricity and noise, and saving space.

And it earned him a hug from his wife.


Consolidating four network devices into a 1RU case

Craig Tosi was irritated by the haphazard stack of boxes and associated cable spaghetti of his untidy stack of network appliances.

So he crammed them all into a 1RU rackmount case, including an ALIX 3 board, a Senao wireless with pigtail and antenna and an internal PSU.