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Connecting to the serial console on your headless device

Null modem cableEver wondered what to do with that null modem cable we throw in with your order as a bonus?

Or have you tried to use the web interface to access your server, only to find that it’s locked up and not responding?

With headless devices like our our ALIX, APU and net servers, sometimes you need to connect directly to them via the serial console to figure out what’s going on.

And to do that, you’ll need your device, a terminal emulator, a null modem cable, a serial to USB adapter (optional) and your desktop PC.

Then just follow the simple steps in our latest tutorial to connect to the serial console on your headless device using a terminal emulator and control it using the command line.

Soon you’ll have your device back under control and managing your network just like it’s supposed to be.


Read the full tutorial here…

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