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ALIX 2 “bookshelf” case available now!

New and improved case for the ALIX 2

Our new “bookshelf” case for the ALIX 2 has finally arrived.

Designed and built right here in Australia, this stylish gloss “bookshelf” case is the perfect partner for the versatile ALIX 2 boards.

With an extruded, rather than folded body, this case allows you to just slide the boards in and out with ease, and looks very sleek.

It includes punchouts for ethernet, serial and USB ports, plus SMA (with removable blanking plug) and power.

The ALIX 2 case is completely fanless and much smaller than most mini ITX cases, so it doesn’t take up much desk space. It can even be stood on its side in your bookshelf or desktop, taking up even less space.

And if that’s not enough, this case is also made from aluminium, so it’s light yet durable and has excellent heat dissipation qualities and it comes in a great range of colours – currently black, red and blue, with orange, yellow and green coming soon.

You can buy the case on its own or with any ALIX 2-2 or ALIX 2-3 box.

In other news…

Price changes

We’ve reviewed our pricing on the ALIX and net boards, and due to the strong Aussie dollar we’ve been able to drop our prices on the ALIX 2-2 (433MHz), ALIX 2-2 (500MHz), ALIX 2-3 (433MHz), net4801 (256MB), net5501 (433MHz) and net5501 (500MHz) boards by anywhere from $10 to $60.

Product changes

We’re all out of WRAP 1-1’s, which means we’re all out of WRAPs, and we’re all out of net4801 128MB boards as well.

We’ve reinstated our dual rack mount net4801, but it’s now only available with 256MB boards.

Extra bits

m0n0wall v1.3b10 released

m0n0wall v1.3 beta 10 is now available on the ALIX 2 and ALIX 3 boards, which means you can now use an ALIX 2-2 or ALIX 2-3 to build a monowall appliance.

Being a beta version, we still can’t recommend it for production environments, as it’s possible that it contains serious bugs. But if you want to give a try, we’re happy to install it for you.

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