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Black is back!

Introducing our new black net5501 case

Powdercoated in stunning gloss black, our new case provides full access to all the features of the net5501 board, including the second serial port.

Now the default option for our net5501, it also has space for a full height PCI card, and is a much neater solution, with no sticky-out bits and no chopping things off. (Ouch)

If you have a need for storage, you can also add a mounting bracket for SATA or IDE hard drive (just add hard drive).

The black net5501 can now also accommodate wireless applications, with an SMA punchout in the rear of the case, so you can install a pigtail and antenna.

It’s also made of aluminium instead of steel, so it’s light but durable, and it’s made right here in Australia.

And you can mount in a cabinet or on a wall, with the DIN rail clip option.

Did we mention it’s black?

What’s small and light and red all over?

Our new net5501 lite, of course!

If you don’t need to use a PCI card with the net5501, why take up space for it in the case? What you need is our new net5501 lite.

With a small footprint, space for a SATA or IDE hard drive, and an SMA punchout to accommodate a pigtail and antenna, the net5501 lite is one very tiny shiny cool machine.

Available in red or black, the net5501 lite case is also made from aluminium and includes the DIN rail option, just like its big brother.

Check out lots of cool pictures of both of our new net5501 cases on our net cases page.

In other news…

Price changes

We’ve dropped the price of our miniPCI VPN accelerator by $25, so get in while they last because we won’t be getting any more once they’re gone.

And in case you’re feeling confused, yes the price of our ALIX 1 “XL” has gone up by $30, sort of. Actually it’s really the same price but we’ve decided to add a PCI riser to every box whether you buy a PCI card or not, so if you have your own PCI card, you’ve still got everything you need. There, aren’t you happy we cleared that one up?

Last but not least, the old style Soekris green cases are still available on the net5501, and they’re $20 cheaper than they were! So if you don’t need the groovy features of our new case, and you don’t mind the colour, save yourself some dough, please.

Extra bits

ALIX 1 “XL” case study – replicate yourself

This month we have a new case study for you, which is all about using the ALIX 1 “XL” with LCD to create a Compact Flash card duplicator.

If you’re interested in writing a case study for us, which is a great opportunity for you and your project to be featured on our website, please read our case study guidelines and let us know.

And keep an eye out for our hard drive mounting bracket for the ALIX 1 “XL”. It’s currently under development and should be available real soon now.

m0n0wall 1.3b15

monowall have clambered yet another step closer to a release version with their next beta. Still available on the ALIX 2 or ALIX 3, v1.3 really should come out of beta very, very soon.

And now for something completely different!

Our plummeting Aussie dollar is currently putting pressure on our prices. If it doesn’t start behaving itself soon, we’re going to have to give it a time-out and send it to bed without any dinner. Oh yes, and we might have to consider raising our prices. Eeek! We’ll keep you posted.