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Secure your network

Build custom network security appliances

Fanless, rugged, powerful tiny servers

ALIX 2-3 server stackDual-board rackmount server
  • Spend less, and get a business-grade solution with the same features as a WatchGuard or SonicWall firewall, with no ongoing fees
  • Use open-source software to create an easy and effective professional-grade solution for managing your client's network security
  • Build super-sturdy servers that you can rely on to just keep going, and going, and going, without any intervention from you
  • Build high-availability redundant servers, in the smallest of spaces
  • Drastically reduce electricity consumption with energy-efficient servers that use as little as 5W
  • Capture data or video in hard-to-access locations and harsh environments

Low power, silent, fanless tiny PCs

Tiny fit-PC2 in handsfit-PC3 Pro
  • Significantly reduce your business electricity bill
  • Recover valuable space on your desk and in your server room
  • Create peace and quiet in your workplace with completely silent and fanless desktop PCs
  • Stop throwing away computers that break down after just a couple of years
  • Save space, energy and hassles without sacrificing performance
  • Show your customers your commitment to "going green"

What others are doing with our tiny computers

Creating a music-on-hold appliance

Listening to music on hold

The company that Shane works for was using an old CD changer for their Music-on-Hold system, but it became unreliable and had lots of issues.

The Windows XP desktop they tried was power-hungry and required regular reboots, while commercial music-on-hold systems were quite expensive.

Instead, Shane had fun setting up an ALIX 3 to do the job, and it's now been running faithfully for years.


Tiny computer with LEGO minifigure