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5 things I love about the APU server case (video)

I think our APU server cases are pretty awesome, but then maybe I’m a little biased.

Here’s five things that I love about our APU cases:

What do you think? Are they are awesome or what?

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5 things I love about our APU server case

(video transcript)

Hi. I’m Nikki from Yawarra Tiny Computers.

And today I want to share with you five things that I love about the APU server case.

#1 – We designed it ourselves

Number one, we designed this case ourselves.

We looked at the options that were out there and we just weren’t happy with any of them.

So Paul sat down and designed this case.

And frankly we’re really happy with the way it’s turned out.

#2 – Really easy access

Number two, this case gives you really easy access to the board.

When we realised that there weren’t any components along the edges of the ALIX and APU boards, we made this case design into a sliding design.

So the edges of the board actually sit in the grooves on the edges of the extrusion so the board slides in and out, giving you easy access to all the components on the board.

#3 – Compact yet spacious

Number three, even though this case is compact there’s space in there for everything that you need.

So in this case you can see we’ve got the board in there and we’ve got a hard drive installed as well.

So there’s space for everything that you need.

So it’s compact on the outside and roomy on the inside.

A little bit like the tardis.

#4 – Really strong

Number four, these boxes are really strong.

We designed them to use an extra heavy gauge aluminium just to give the components that extra bit of protection.

And we ship these boxes all over Australia using Australia Post.

Now we do package them very carefully as well but we’ve never had a problem with our boxes.

I’d stand on it to show you how strong it is, but it might scratch the paint and then Paul would get cross with me, and we don’t want that.

#5 – The colours

Number five is the colours.

Now I love using colour for systems in business because it makes it so much easier to recognise at a glance what something’s for.

It’s so easy to say, “Oh, it’s that red box in the corner.” Or to use, you know, red for the firewall, and blue for the files, and green for the router.

You know, whatever you want to break down your network by those colours are a great way to do that. And honestly they are fantastic colours and they make the cases just look fantastic.

Want to know more?

So that was five things that I love about the APU server case.

If you want to know more about the APU servers I’ll put a link with more information in the description of this video.

And I’ll see you next time.

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