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Compact Flash news and articles

8GB Lexar CF card discontinued

Lexar, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to discontinue their 8GB Platinum II Compact Flash card.

We’ve bought up on stock, but once our supply runs out, we won’t be able to get any more.

We’re currently looking for other options and at the moment, the Kingston range looks promising.


Building a Compact Flash card duplicator

A customer once asked us to supply 750 Compact Flash cards with operating systems pre-installed. The image was 512MB, and took 5 minutes to burn. That’s 2 weeks work, just to burn the cards!

So I used an ALIX 1 “XL”, with an external USB CF reader, and the picoLCD from iTuner. I designed an enclosure, installed Voyage Linux and the LCD drivers, and wrote a script or two.