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The power is within 1U

New dual rack mount case with internal power supplies

Featuring internal 30W switch mode power supplies, with standard IEC connectors and illuminated power switches at the rear, this new 1RU case slots readily into your typical server rack environment.
Fractionally deeper than our previous dual rack mount case, at 250mm, the new design also features stylish and durable port labels, etched into the cover plates.

Our first product using this new case is a dual rack mount net5501. You can choose to pair a net5501 board with a second net5501 board, or with a 2-port LAN1621 or 4-port LAN1641 ethernet adapter. You can also choose a kit to suit the Digium TDM400 VoIP card, although you’ll need to source the actual card elsewhere.

Explore the possibilities on our rack mount cases page.

In other news…

New products

This month we add two new PCI to PCI adapters to our range – a solid PCI to PCI riser and a flexible PCI to PCI riser, with a 7cm cable. These PCI risers allow you to mount PCI cards in tricky spots, such as above or below a board, further away from a board or at a different angle to a board.

Price changes

Our 4GB Ultra II CF cards have come down this month to $60.

Product changes

When buying a 12V 2.5A power supply, you now have a choice of two plug sizes – a 2.1mm plug to suit the net5501 or a 2.5mm plug to suit the ALIX 1. The size refers to the internal diameter of the plug, so make sure you choose the right size for a snug fit and a good connection.

Extra bits

Voyage Linux 0.5.2

Voyage Linux have released version 0.5.2. We’ve updated our Voyage images and you can visit our OS images page to download them or add one to your next order.

m0n0wall 1.3b13

monowall are up to beta 13 with their release of version 1.3. You can order this version on an ALIX 2 or ALIX 3, but we’re waiting for v1.3 to come out of beta before we update our OS images page.

Thanks for the feedback

We’d just like to say a big thanks to everyone for regularly providing us with such valuable feedback.

Your suggestions help us to improve our business and it’s always really nice to hear about the things we’re doing well.