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What is the difference between the APU1, the APU2 and the APU3?

So what is the difference between the APU1, the APU2 and the APU3 boards?

It’s certainly something I’ve asked Paul more than once, so I can’t be the only one.

Discover the key differences between these tiny fanless computers.


New “APU” embedded board from PC Engines

The new “APU” embedded computer is more powerful than ever! It’s a cross between an ALIX 2-2, an ALIX 2-3 and an ALIX 6, with a dual-core 1GHz processor and 4GB of RAM thrown in.

With heaps of storage options (including support for a hard drive), 3 Gigabit ethernet ports, built-in 3G/4G support, the sky really is the limit. And it’s still just as tiny and fanless. O.M.G.

We like to think of the APU as “Awesome Possibilities Unlimited”. Coming soon!


New website in the works

We’re currently working on a new version of our website and hope to have it ready for you “real soon now”.

Check out this awesome collection of pfSense® software “how to” articles at

And we’re currently working on a kit that will allow you to install a LAN1841 in our rackmount net6501, creating a rackmount server with a total of eight Gigabit ethernet ports.


Intense PC now available

We finally have approval to sell the Intense PC in Australia! Yay! And for a limited time, receive a LEGO minifigure with the purchase of any Intense PC.

Extend your fit-PC3 or Intense PC with a great range of new accessories.

We also now have the LAN1841 PCI Express 4-port Gigabit ethernet adapter from Soekris Engineering, and updated versions of monowall and pfSense® software are available.