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The net5501 is finally here!

The new communications computer from Soekris Engineering

Introducing the net5501, the new communications computer from Soekris Engineering.

Compact and silent, the net5501 uses very little power, has no moving parts and is ultra-reliable, making it ideal for use as a dedicated network appliance.

The net5501 shares many features with the net4801, including miniPCI and PCI expansion card slots, two serial ports, a compact flash slot, support for a 2.5″ hard drive and 10/100 ethernet ports.

The net5501 also has a faster processor and more memory – either 433MHz/256MB RAM or 500MHz/512MB RAM – an extra ethernet port (making a total of 4), USB 2.0 and SATA support.

With four ethernet ports and extra grunt, the net5501 is ideal for use as a firewall, VPN Router, internet gateway or VoIP PBX.

LAN1621 & LAN1641

Multi-port ethernet PCI adapters from Soekris

We’re now offering the multi-port ethernet adapters from Soekris, the LAN 1621 (2-port) and LAN 1641 (4-port).

The cards are low profile PCI boards, making them ideal for compact embedded systems and rack mount servers.

Use them to create multiple, simultaneous internet and/or LAN connections to ensure internet continuity, or segment your network for increased LAN security.

You’ll find them on our new ‘cards’ page in the shop, and as options on the net5501. They also suit the net4801, and we’re currently working on a backplane for our Yawarra blue and Yawarra black net4801 cases.

In other news…

New products

Besides the net5501 and the LAN cards, there’s also a new 12V 2.5A power supply in our shop this month.

This one’s ideal for the ALIX 1 board because it has an internal plug diameter of 2.5mm, instead of the 2.1mm plug on our 12V 1.5A and 18V 1A regulated power supplies. It also offers 30W of power for applications that draw that extra bit of power.

Product changes

We’re all out of 64MB Biwin Compact Flash cards, so now you can get a SanDisk 64MB card instead. And for the same price too! Cool, huh?

We’ve renamed our ‘net4801’ sections of our shop to ‘net’, to allow for the long-awaited introduction of the net5501. Same old section, boring new name, exciting new products!

Price changes

Our 1GB CF cards have come down by $5 this month.

We’ve also decided to drop our WRAP 1-1 boards by $20, to try and make our WRAP 1-2’s last longer. So if you don’t really need those three ports, why not consider buying a WRAP 1-1 instead?
And if you do really need a WRAP 1-2, how about buying it with one of our less popular case colours? You can save $10 when you choose an orange, yellow, white or green case, and $20 when you choose “any old colour”.

Extra bits

Voyage images updated

Our Voyage Linux CF card images have been updated to version 0.4.1, and we’ve also added Voyage and pfSense® software images for the net5501 and ALIX 1.

Visit our OS images page to download them or add one to your next order.

ALIX 1 standalone cases coming soon

We’ve designed our standalone case for the ALIX 1 and they’re currently being manufactured. They should be available next month.

WRAP 2 128MB board almost gone

We are getting very low on our 128MB RAM WRAP 2 boards. At this rate they’ll be gone within the week.

We do still have 64MB RAM WRAP 2 boards though, so if you need more WRAP 2 boxes (and you can’t wait for the ALIX 3), you might just have to settle for the 64MB memory option.

Product information pages reorganised

To allow for our current (and future) new ALIX and net5501 products, we’ve reorganised our product information pages. There’s now an introductory page for each series of computers, individual pages for different products within each series and a comparison table for the products in a range.

We’ve also developed a new detailed comparison chart that compares features across our entire range of small form factor computers. It’s too big to fit on a web page, so you can download it as a pdf instead.

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