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How to save thousands by changing your PCs

Improve your green credentials and your bottom line

Replacing your regular PCs with fit-PC2s will save you thousands, through:

  • Reduced electricity usage
  • Less air-conditioning required
  • Buying new PCs less often

To learn more:

  • See the savings with our fit-PC2 vs regular PC comparison
  • Visit our new fit-PC2 website
  • Read all about the fit-PC2
  • Explore our range of fit-PC2s

A two-year warranty is now standard – these boxes are built to last.

Also now in stock:

  • fit-PC2, basic wireless
  • fit-PC2, basic
  • fit-PC2 security enclosure in black

Make a small change, make a big difference.

Are you waiting on the fit-PC2i?

Designed for server and routing applications, the fit-PC2i has the same energy-efficiency, size and durability as the fit-PC2.

It has:

  • 2 GigE ports (with 4 USB ports instead of 6)
  • a serial port (instead of the IR receiver)
  • 2GB RAM
  • optional 4GB onboard flash
  • auto-on as standard

Although release was promised for January, manufacturing delays mean that it will now be ready in March.

How to keep your fit-PC2s safe

Prevent theft of your fit-PC2 by attaching it to a monitor, desk or wall with our security enclosure.

Use a Kensington-style lock and cable to secure your fit-PC2, while allowing access to the front and rear.

Now available in black and stainless steel.

Looking for 802.11n wireless cards?

Good news: This new wireless standard was ratified in October 2009.

Bad news: We won’t be stocking any products until they are more widely supported under Linux and Windows.

Struggling with your SanDisk CF cards?

The architecture of the ‘Ultra II’ range has changed (and they’ve been rebranded ‘Ultra’).

So you might have to rebuild your Compact Flash card images to get them working again.

Alternatively, you can download one of our prebuilt O/S images for free, or add one for free to your next order.

And our 4GB and 8GB cards are cheaper this month.

Plus we have a new 16GB Ultra CF card as well.

Want more out of your pfSense® software installs?

Version 1.2.3 is now available.

Its great new features include:

  • package support, so you can add extra features bundled for you by the pfSense® team
  • dual boot capabilities, so if you mess up your image, you have a spare

Add it to your next order for free or download a free ready-made image and install it yourself.

And learn how to become a pfSense® software master with:

  • fantastic online documentation at
  • their new book, pfSense: The Definitive Guide, available from Amazon

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