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Rackmount ALIX 1

This month we bring you the fabulous, the amazing, the incredibly useful rackmount ALIX 1.

With a unique modular design, the rack mount ALIX 1 allows you to add your choice of PCI cards while maintaining a highly polished appliance like feel, so your clients know they’re getting a purpose built solution, not just another beige box.

The combination of small size, add-on flexibility, super low power consumption, polished look and feel, and extra reliable design make the rackmount ALIX 1 the perfect platform to base your solution on. Make an ADSL gateway, a multiport router, load balancer, firewall, or VOIP telephony system.

Run the rackmount ALIX 1 from solid state compact flash or add a 2.5″ hard drive in less than a minute using our cleverly designed mounting board, for storage of voicemail, logs or whatever you need to store! An internal power supply is included, with a standard IEC power connector ideal for hosting environments.

New pictures of net5501 “XL” case

We’ve added some new pictures of our great looking net5501 “XL” case.

Here’s what great about our net5501 “XL” case:

  • powdercoated in a stylish gloss black, with matching hex screws
  • designed specifically for the net5501 board, with no modifications required
  • access to the second serial port via a serial extension cable to a DB9 connection mounted in the rear of the case
  • space for a full-height PCI card, mounted above the board, and includes a flexible riser and mounting hardware
  • captive nuts for the case screws prevent stripped threads
  • an SMA punchout to suit a pigtail and antenna for wireless use
  • mounting holes on the underside of the case for attaching DIN rail clips (sold separately)
  • made from aluminium so it’s light yet durable, with excellent heat dissipation qualities
  • manufactured right here in Australia

Look at it in more detail on our net cases page.

LPT port available on ALIX 1 “XL”

Our fabulous ALIX 1 “XL” now has the option of adding an LPT port (a parallel port) in lieu of a PCI card.

This means that you can now attach a printer to your ALIX 1 “XL”, or connect it to your cash register for use in a POS system.

OpenBSD 4.5 image now available

We’re now offering OpenBSD 4.5 on our computers, so you can add it to your next order.

We’ve also created some ready-made OS images that you can download and install yourself. Knock yourself out!

m0n0wall 1.3b18 released

After more than two years of beta versions of monowall 1.3, we’ve decided to offer it officially.

You can add it your next order, or download a ready-made image for the ALIX 2 and net5501 from our OS images page.

Online shop reorganised a bit

You may or may not notice that we’ve done a bit of housekeeping in our online shop.

If you haven’t noticed, pretend we didn’t say anything. What? Nothing… what in the world can that be?

But just in case you’re trying to figure out what’s different, we’ve changed the order of some things, and changed some default options.

So even if it looks like our prices have changed, they haven’t! And if you can’t find what you’re after, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

8GB CF card down by $5

And in fact, our 8GB Compact Flash cards have come down by another $5 this month.

ALIX 433MHz boards discontinued

PC Engines have decided to discontinue the 433MHz versions of their ALIX boards.

We do have stock of the ALIX 2-2, ALIX 2-3 and ALIX 3 433MHz boards, for now. As we run out, those options will slowly disappear from our online shop, but we still have supplies to last us a little while yet.

Feel free to panic buy.

Ebers discontinued, working on a replacement

Our range of Ebers has gone the way of the dodo. Our remaining Eber 210s are now in the bargain box, so jump in and grab one while they last.

We’re currently working on a 1.2GHz GigE replacement. We’ll let you know when we have more to share about this one.

No more unregulated power supplies

We’re no longer stocking the 12V 1A unregulated power supply, due to their rising cost and decreasing appeal.

Our 12V 1.5A regulated power supply is a smaller, lighter, cleaner and affordable alternative.

And that’s your bloomin’ lot!