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They’re here!

New and improved WRAP 1 cases

We’re really excited about our new range of cases for the WRAP 1-1 and WRAP 1-2, and we hope you will be too.

Here’s what great about our cases:

  • powdercoated in a great range of colours
  • captive nuts for the case screws means no more stripped threads
  • larger finger gaps make the board easier to remove
  • made from aluminium so they’re light yet durable
  • manufactured right here in Australia

Pick your colour today.

To learn more about our cases, visit our new case info page.

In other news…

Price changes

We’ve dropped the price of our reverse N-type pigtails and antennas by $5 each.

So if you don’t care what polarity you use, you can save up to $20 on the price of a WRAP 2 Outdoor box or pack.

Our straight N-type male to u.fl pigtails are now also only $15 each.

Product changes

With the introduction of our new and improved WRAP 1 cases, we’re planning to discontinue our anodised aluminium cases.

So choose an anodised case today, and get your WRAP 1-1 or WRAP 1-2 box or pack for $10 less (while stocks last).

Or if you’re feeling adventurous (or having trouble choosing) you could try our “any old colour” option. You can save yourself $10 on a box or pack and you get the added thrill of not knowing what colour you’ll get.

We’ll just pick something from our range, so all you have to do is sit back and wait for your mystery colour to arrive. Just cross your fingers we’re all out of pink!

Extra bits

Our m0n0wall images for the WRAP and net4801 have been updated to m0n0wall 1.2. Please visit our OS images page for more information.