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Harness the power within

Introducing our new rack mount ALIX 2-3 with internal power

Our dual rack mount ALIX 2-3 with internal power is our second rack mount server using our new 250mm rack mount case design, with standard IEC power connectors and stylish and durable port labels, etched into the cover plates.

The boards are also able to slide independently, and you can choose either one or two boards in the dual rack mount configuration.

Check it out on our rack mount cases page.

In other news…

New products

Due to popular demand, we are now offering our ALIX 1 “XL” case as a standalone product. With optional 20 x 2 picoLCD display and a range of brackets to suit popular PCI cards, this is a pretty amazing package.

We’ve finally pulled our heads out of the sand and replaced our Senao 400mW wireless card with the Senao 600mW wireless card, so now you can have an even bigger signal!

Product changes

Our 500MHz ALIX 2-3 board is now version 2D-3. This means it now includes a power header on the board, so you can connect power to it directly, like in a dual rack mount server, for instance.

Price changes

Thanks to those pesky exchange rates, our 8GB Ultra II CF cards have gone up by $10 this month. That’s it, for now…

Extra bits

Price rise in January

The bad news is that the dollar has stabilised – for now – but so far down from where it was, that we are going to have raise our prices.

The good news is that we won’t be doing that until January, so now’s the time to buy if you want to avoid the hike.

Our apologies for the global economic crisis. We promise we won’t do it again.

OpenBSD v4.4

OpenBSD have faithfully released their next version of their fabulously secure operating system. Visit our OS images page to download our updated ready-made images or add one to your next order.

Christmas & New Years hours

And it’s the silly season again!

To help you plan ahead, here are the important dates for our end-of-year period:

Monday, 22 Dec, 1:00PM – The absolute latest you’ll need to place (and pay for) your order by, if you want it to arrive before Christmas.

You’ll need to order even earlier if you’re outside of the Express Post area (ask us if you’re not sure), or if it’s a large order. Of course we’ll happily process your last minute order, but we just can’t guarantee it’ll arrive in time. So get in early, OK?

Tuesday 23 Dec, 1:00PM – When we close for our Christmas break.

Thursday 8 Jan, 9:00AM – When we reopen after our Christmas break.

You’re more than welcome to place orders via the website during this period, but we won’t be answering the phones, shipping orders, or responding to emails until we reopen.

And we won’t be sending another newsletter until January, so best wishes for the holiday season from all of us here at Yawarra.