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The ALIX 1 is child’s play!

Using iMedia on an ALIX 1 to create an internet workstation

Our featured case study this month is from Paul McGowan, our Technical Manager here at Yawarra.

Paul strapped an ALIX 1 to the back of an LCD monitor to create an internet workstation for his three-year-old son, who is now exploring the joys of and learning all sorts of useful stuff.

The whole setup only uses 40W (33-35W for the screen and 5-7W for the ALIX 1) and takes up very little desk space.

Read more about it on our case studies page.

In other news…

New products

This month we introduce the DCMA-81, a low profile miniPCI wireless card from the makers of the CM9.

Using the Atheros AR5414 (6G) chipset and supporting 802.11a, b and g, this card is a great all-rounder.

And being almost half the size of the CM9, this card can fit into some really small spaces.

We also have the new 2.5″ IDE hard drive mounting kits for the net5501. This kit can be used in both the net5501 standalone and the dual rack mount net5501 units.

The SATA mounting kit for the net5501 probably won’t be available for some time yet.

Product changes

We’re down to our very last 64MB RAM WRAP 2 boards. At this rate they’ll be gone within a week or two.

And then there’ll be no more WRAP 2 Outdoors or WRAP 2 Indoors ever again. At least, not until they re-emerge as the ALIX 3, anyway.

We’ve also run out of 64MB Compact Flash cards. We’ve decided not to try and source any more at this stage, so you’ll just have to use a 128MB card instead.

Extra bits

net5501 clock problem fixed

Some early net5501 boards had a problem where the hardware clock was running about six times too fast. This problem has been fixed and all of our net5501 boards now function correctly.

ALIX 2 & 3 update

Production of the ALIX 2 and 3 boards is now expected around early to mid November. Not long now!

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