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I’m just so darned proud…

I know I’m not supposed to talk about “us, us, us” because apparently it’s just not that interesting to you.

But I’m just so darned proud of us that I’m going to do it anyway.

My apologies in advance for boring your socks off.

(Maybe you could give them to someone for Christmas!)

We won! We won! We won! We won! We won!

We are extremely proud and excited to have been awarded Knox Council’s Sustainable Business Award for 2011, for our range of energy efficient computers.

We were up against some other very impressive projects, and it’s great to see so many business doing so much to help the environment.

And as a result we’re now entered into to Melbourne’s South East Business Awards for 2012, in the Environmental and Sustainability category.

Cross your fingers for us for that one…

Woo hoo! Woo hooo! We won! We won! We won! We won!

Need even more help choosing firewall software?

Well here’s another review of open source firewalls with a very self-explanatory title…

>> Open Source Firewall/Routers That Don’t Suck by Frank Linhares, the editor in chief of

Frank gives you his (brief) views on the pfSense® software (his favourite), m0n0wall, IPCop, DD-Wrt and Zeroshell.

Hopefully you can use his experiences to help you decide on the right firewall software for your project.

We’d have to agree with Frank that the pfSense® system is the best, which is why we offer it on most of our hardware.

Lots of really useful software

And while we’re talking about software, you might be interested in our freshly reorganised software resources page.

It’s now easier to find something useful, with a great selection of software options for:

  • firewalls
  • routers
  • wireless
  • VoIP
  • music players

and more.

Christmas & New Years hours

OK, it’s time for Christmas again, so here’s what you need to know.

Christmas lunch

Our amazing staff have definitely done a fantastic job this year. In fact, they rock!

So we’re taking them out for lunch on Wednesday, 7 December, to say thank you.

This means we’ll be closed on Wednesday, 7 December 2011 from 11AM to 3PM.

End-of-year closure

To help you plan ahead, here are the important dates for our end-of-year period:

Thursday, 22 Dec, 12:00PM – The absolute latest you’ll need to place (and pay for) your order by, if you want it to arrive before Christmas.

You’ll need to order even earlier if you’re outside of the Express Post area (ask us if you’re not sure), or if it’s a large order.

Of course we’ll happily process your last minute order, but we just can’t guarantee it will arrive in time. So get in early, OK?

Friday, 23 Dec, 12:00PM – When we close for our Christmas break.

Monday, 16 Jan, 9:00AM – When we reopen after our Christmas break.

You’re more than welcome to place orders via the website during this period, but we won’t be answering the phones, shipping orders, or responding to emails until we reopen.

Have an awesome one!