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OpenBSD firewall

Using OpenBSD and a WRAP 1-2 for a firewall, router and VPN

Our featured case study this month is from Joel Sing, of Ionix Technology in Bendigo, Victoria.

Joel uses our WRAP 1-2 boxes with a customised version of OpenBSD to build a reliable and cost-effective firewall, router and VPN for his clients.

Read more about it on our case studies page.

net4801 lite

Coming soon

We’re currently developing a cut-down case for the net4801, with space for a hard drive and SMA punchouts to suit a pigtail and antenna, but only one serial port and no space for a PCI card.

The case will initially be available in red and black.

With a USB port and your choice of 128 or 256MB of RAM, the net4801 lite will be a great little box!

In other news…

Product changes

All of our WRAP 1-2 cases now come with SMA punchouts. So we’ve added ‘pigtail’ and ‘antenna’ as options to the WRAP 1-2 box, to make it easy for you to add them to your next WRAP 1-2 bundle.

You can now choose between 64MB and 128MB of RAM for your WRAP 2 Outdoor or WRAP 2 Indoor box. Just select one of the ‘memory’ options and save up to $20.

Price changes

We’ve dropped the price on our 64MB WRAP 2 board to $180. So if you don’t need extra memory, don’t spend extra money!

Extra bits

OpenBSD update

OpenBSD v4.1 has been released and our CF card images have been updated. Visit our OS images page to download them or add one to your next order.

Express Post limit raised

We’ve found Express Post to be very reliable and fast, so we’ve raised our limit for shipping by Express Post from $2000 to $3000. Only bulky orders or orders over $3000 will be shipped by courier from now on.

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