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Because ‘pink’ is NOT a dirty word!

Special limited edition pink ALIX 2-3

Want to buy an ALIX 2-3 powdercoated in gorgeous blush pink gloss?

This limited edition pink ALIX 2-3 is for those discerning individuals who can appreciate a stunning combination of style and technology.

With all the same great features and options as our standard ALIX 2-3, plus your choice of black or stainless steel screws, this is one distinctive looking unit.

Maybe it matches your corporate logo, or your team’s colours.

Maybe it will stop your co-workers accidentally ‘borrowing’ your firewall.

Or maybe it just means you can convince a loved one that you really do need another computer in the house.

Whatever the reason, this exclusive ALIX 2-3 is sure to make a statement wherever you take it.

Available while stocks last.

Order yours today.

How to create the ultimate internet connectivity device…

New Geos router with built-in dual ADSL2+ modems

Create the ultimate internet connectivity device with the new Geos router from Traverse, with dual on-board ADSL2+ modems.

This is an easy and compact solution for adding speed or reliability to your ADSL connection.

With up to 48MBps download and 5MBps upload, the dual ADSL2+ ports on the Geos can be combined for a faster connection, or connected to two different ISPs for redundancy.

You can also add a 802.11 wireless connection, plus a 3G dongle via the dual USB ports, for even greater redundancy in your connection.

The mini-ITX form-factor Geos board includes the sturdy 500 MHz AMD Geode LX800 CPU, with 512MB of pluggable laptop RAM, plus dual USB and dual 10/100 ethernet ports, and miniPCI and CF card slots.

And like the rest of our range, the Geos is super energy-efficient, using less than 10W at 12V DC.

Designed to fit in one rack unit (1RU), the stylish extruded aluminium case is stackable and you can fit two of them side-by-side in a server rack shelf.

And with device drivers for the ADSL2+ modems included in the most recent Linux kernels (2.6.23 or later), you can use free and open source software to build your ideal network appliance.

This is one very cool piece of hardware.

Want a rip-snorting rack mount server?

New 1.6GHz dual rack mount server coming soon

Right now we’re working on a new dual rack mount server product based on the IPC100 embedded motherboard from OpenVox.

The IPC100 uses the same 1.6GHz Atom Z530 CPU as the fit-PC2, has 2GB RAM, 2 x 10/100 and 1 x GigE ports, plus 2 miniPCI slots, 2 USB 2.0 ports, a 2.5″ SATA hard drive connector, and CF and IDE support.

With the same form-factor as the ALIX 2-3, the IPC100 fits neatly into our dual rack mount case, and has been thoroughly tested to work with the pfSense® software, m0n0wall and Voyage Linux.

You could build one very powerful server with this hardware, and all in one rack unit (1RU).

Keep watching for more news on this one.

Now with added looking-at-ness!

Ever wanted a better look at one of our products before buying?

Well now you can view lots of images for our products (where available) directly through the online shop.

Just click on the product in the shop to open the product pop-up, and click on the thumbnails under the main image to see it from a whole new perspective.

Check out the ALIX 2-3 or the new Geos to see what we mean.

Happy looking!