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Website news and articles

Update – April 2014

Our new website is up and running! To celebrate, we’re running a “find the cats” competition where you can win heaps of cool prizes.

We’ve also added new products and more. Check it out.


Take a sneak peek at our new website

We’ve been promising this for a while, but we’re getting SO close I can taste it.

Here’s a screenshot of the new catalogue in case you’re a teensy bit curious.

We’re working really hard to keep the best bits of our current site, while adding lots of great new content and features, to make your transition to the new site as painless as possible.


New website in the works

We’re currently working on a new version of our website and hope to have it ready for you “real soon now”.

Check out this awesome collection of pfSense® software “how to” articles at

And we’re currently working on a kit that will allow you to install a LAN1841 in our rackmount net6501, creating a rackmount server with a total of eight Gigabit ethernet ports.