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See the devil in our details

Improved rack mount case design

We really care about the details here at Yawarra. Everything has to be just so.

So we thought we’d show you some of those details, in our new and improved rack mount case design.

Network security never looked so good!

Note: Click on any image to see it in even more detail.

  • Hex screws: We’ve changed all of the case screws to hex socket screws, which means that they don’t strip as easily, you need fewer tools to assemble the case and they look heaps better.
  • Thicker plate: We’ve made the face plate thicker to resist bending, which means you can slide the boards in and out without damaging your case. They’re also now anodised, not powdercoated, and will soon sport laser-etched port labels.
  • Board locator strip: We’ve added an adjustable, depth-limiting locator strip to the slide rail kits for the ALIX boards, which means that the board now won’t move when you plug in power and ethernet cables.
  • Larger board slot: We’ve increased the size of the board slots so you can now fit a PCI card, such as a Soekris LAN1621, LAN1641 or a Digium TDM400 card, alongside a net5501 board.

And all of our rack mount server cases now come with cage nuts, washers and screws, just in case your rack doesn’t have them already.

So that’s how much tender loving care we put into our products. We hope you’re as impressed as we are!

You can pick up one of these beauties on their own or with any of our dual rack mount servers.

And if you have one of our rack mount cases already and you’d like a locator strip for your WRAP or ALIX board to stop it moving when you plug things in, please contact us and we’ll be happy to send you one or two free of charge.

In other news…

New products

This month we add the ALIX 3 indoor case to our collection of cases available for sale.

With an extruded, rather than folded body, this case allows you to just slide the boards in and out with ease, and looks very sleek. It includes punchouts for ethernet, serial and USB ports (optional), plus SMA (with blanking plug) and power.

There’s also a new I/O shield to suit the ALIX 1 which you can use to mount an ALIX 1 board in any miniITX case or regular PC case.

And with the launch of our new and improved rack mount cases comes three new PCI card mounting kits – LAN1621, LAN1641 and TDM400. Each kit includes a mounting plate, cover plate, flexible PCI riser and fasteners to suit. You can choose one of these in the second slot of a rack mount net5501, in a dual rack mount case, or as a stand-alone kit.

Price changes

We’ve reviewed all of the products on the wireless page of our shop, with mostly good news.

Firstly, all of our wireless cards have come down by $20. All of them! This means that our wireless kits have also come down in price.

And secondly, our 8dBi 2.4GHz N-female antennas have also come down by $20 to $65. Bargain!

The only things that went up were our reverse SMA pigtails and antennas, to $15 and $20 respectively.

And along the way, our miniPCI VPN accelerator came down to $120 and our 4GB Ultra II CF cards are now $70.

Product changes

We’re all out of 512MB CF cards, but we do have lots of SanDisk 256MB CF cards and 1GB Ultra II’s.

Extra bits

m0n0wall v1.3b11 released

m0n0wall v1.3 beta 11 is now available on the ALIX 2 and ALIX 3 boards.

We still can’t recommend it for production environments until it’s out of beta, but if you want to give a try, we’re happy to install it for you.

Orange, green and yellow still coming

We’re still putting the final touches on our orange, green and yellow ALIX 2 bookshelf cases, so they’re not here yet, but they will be very soon!