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Senao 400mW 802.11abg miniPCI wireless card now available

With 400mW of power and dual-band capabilities, the Senao 400mW is the card for long-range, high-speed wireless connections in any situation.

This card can do up to 11Mbps at 400mW and 54Mbps at 200mW in the 2.4GHz band. That’s like, really fast.

pfSense® software has arrived

Get it pre-installed or DIY

The pfSense® project has released v1.0 BETA 2 and we’re pleased to begin offering it as an option on all of our boxes and CF cards.

If you prefer, you can also download it from our OS images page and DIY.

The pfSense® software is derived from monowall, but has a number of different goals, including packet filtering, using FreeBSD 6 as its base and being able to extend it with packages (although not yet on embedded systems).

It has a great WebGUI interface and there are some cool tutorials available on the pfSense® website.

We think it’s definitely worth a try.

Need less? Pay less!

64MB WRAP 2 board just $190

If you’re looking for an inexpensive WRAP board, and you don’t need more than 64MB of memory, then take a look at our new 266GHz / 64MB WRAP 2 board. Just select the 266GHz / 64MB option in the product pop-up and save.

At just $190, it’s very affordable!

In other news…

New products

Well, besides our Senao 400mW miniPCI wireless card, our 64MB WRAP 2 board, and our pfSense® software pre-installed image option on all our boxes and CF cards…

…we’ve managed to get our hands on a stash of 128MB SanDisk CF cards. So if you want SanDisk quality without the size, we’re the ones to ask.

If you use a variety of SMA connectors, you might be interested in our new SMA adapters. Available in 9 configurations, these adapters allow you to connect any two SMA ends. Just pick the combination you need, and you’re all set!

We’re now also offering N-male caps in 1, 5, or 10 packs. Made from nickel-plated brass, with a handy-dandy chain, these caps are great for protecting an unused N-type female pigtail from the elements.

Price changes

Our 64MB Biwin, 512MB SanDisk and 1GB SanDisk CF cards have come down in price, yet again!

Save $5 on the 64MB and 512MB cards and an amazing $25 on the 1GB cards. Where will it stop?!

Product changes

You can now get pfSense® v1.0 BETA 2 pre-installed on any box or CF card.

Due to popular demand, we’ve added a monowall appliance bundle to the WRAP 1-2. Just click the ‘m0n0wall appliance’ link, and the decision-making is done. All you have to do is choose the colour. “What do you mean, you don’t have purple?!”

If you can’t afford to have your firewall fail, take a look at our pfSense® software based redundant firewall bundle for the rack mount WRAP 1-2. Just click the ‘Redundant firewall’ link, and we’ll put together a great set of hardware, with pfSense® software pre-installed.

There’s an excellent tutorial on the pfSense® website for configuring the pfSense® system for automatic failover (using CARP) in a redundant cluster.

Extra bits

Download pfSense® software image for the WRAP and net4801

The pfSense® v1.0 BETA 2 image for embedded systems is now available from our OS images page. Download it, stick it on a flash card and take it for a spin!

Senao 400mW specs

To learn more about the Senao 400mW wireless card you can download the spec sheet, which you’ll find on our hardware resources page and also in the feature list in the product pop-up.

WRAP BIOS 1.11 now available

If you need to upgrade your WRAP BIOS, v1.11 is now available on our software resources page.