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Thank you!

It’s now been six months since we launched our website and we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us in that time, by visiting our website, giving us feedback and buying from us. We’re still here and going strong, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

To show our appreciation, we’re offering discounted two-packs of some of our most popular products. Available until the 9th of September, these twin packs are the ideal way to get more for your money.

And if you or anyone you know is looking for small form factor computers and accessories for wireless or embedded applications, here’s a recap of what we currently offer:

  • WRAP boards, boxes and packs, ideal for routers, servers and firewalls
  • WRAP 2 Outdoor boxes and packs, designed for outdoor wireless access points and point-to-point links
  • net4801 boards, boxes and packs, ideal for routers, servers and firewalls, especially where a hard drive, PCI card or USB is required
  • miniPCI wireless cards – Atheros CM9 802.11a/b/g and Senao 2511MP+ 200mW 802.11b – and miniPCI VPN accelerators
  • A variety of pigtails and antennas, in reverse SMA and N-type
  • SanDisk Compact Flash cards, from 64MB to 1GB
  • 12V DC power supplies – regulated (1.5A) and unregulated (1A) – and PPOE injectors
  • A wide range of CF to IDE adapters, for every application, plus miniPCI to PCI adapters
  • A range of accessories, including CF card readers, cables and mounting brackets

In other news…

New products for August

If you need to attach an N-female antenna to your box, we now offer N-male to u.fl pigtails.

And we’ve swapped our extra long 5m crossover cables for much more useful 2m crossover cables.

Price changes

We’re always looking for ways to keep prices down, and this month we’ve been able to drop prices on our 12V DC 1.5A regulated power supplies, our Senao 200mW 802.11b wireless cards and our WRAP 2 Outdoor boxes, which translates to great savings for you.

This means that our POE kit and WRAP 2 Outdoor pack prices are also lower. Same great products, same great service, even better prices!

Product changes

We’re now keeping stock of the 512MB and 1GB SanDisk compact flash cards, so you don’t have to wait as long to get one!

Extra bits

There’s some extra photos of the WRAP and net4801 on the product info pages, showing you views of the rear and the inside of the boxes. And you can get an even closer look by clicking on the photo.

Visit the WRAP, WRAP 2 Outdoor and net4801 pages and check them out.

Quick poll

We’ve decided to run our case colours survey for another month. We’re in the process of deciding which case colours we’re going to offer, so let us know ASAP which colour gets your vote.

And besides, it just makes our front page look so colourful!!