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Don’t bother saving energy, buying offsets or recycling

Focus on what matters…

How much time do you waste trying to figure out:

  • ways to save more energy,
  • which offsets to buy and how many,
  • or how to recycle those old, broken machines?

Or maybe you don’t even bother because it’s all just too much.

And you know this stuff is important, but you really don’t want to have to think about it.

Wouldn’t you rather spend that time and effort on the things you do best?

So how about letting us take care of it for you?

Now every time you buy a fit-PC2 from us, you get an all-in-one sustainable computing solution, including:

  1. The world’s most sustainable desktop computer – an energy-saving superstar, ultra-small and built to last
  2. Four trees, to offset your fit-PC2’s remaining carbon emissions over the next five years, including a bonus allowance for an energy-efficient monitor
  3. Recycling – once you’re done with your fit-PC2, send it back to us and we’ll take care of recycling it, no charge, no hassle

Like the sound of that?

Just look out for the ‘four trees’ logo in our online shop next time you’re placing an order, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Too easy!

Three essential steps to sustainable business technology

Here are three essential steps to making your business technology sustainable:

  1. Minimise – find ways to use less
  2. Offset – buy offsets for your emissions
  3. Recycle – recycle all your unwanted equipment

And we’d like to help you out with all three.

To learn more, visit our new ‘sustainable computing’ page.

Want to plant a tree?

Every time you buy a fit-PC2, we’ll plant trees to offset its emissions.

And if you’ve bought a fit-PC2 from us previously, you don’t miss out! We’ll be mailing your trees out to you shortly (trees not included).

Greenfleet will plant these trees on our behalf as part of a biodiverse forestry project.

Our aim is to plant half a million trees over the next five years and we’d love your help to achieve this.

Check our progress or read more about our ‘Four Trees’ program at

Win a fit-PC2 business package!
Visit us at the Melbourne “Going Green” Expo on April 30, May 1, May 2 and enter our draw to win a fit-PC2, Business package.

For more information on the expo, visit

See you there!

How to get the most out of the pfSense® software

pfSense: The Definitive Guide

Like the look of the pfSense® software but don’t know where to start?

Been given a pfSense® box to administer, and want to make sure it’s working right?

Want to make your pfSense® software install do something really complicated, like automatic failover or captive portals?

Then ‘pfSense: The Definitive Guide’, written by pfSense co-founder Chris Buechler and pfSense consultant Jim Pingle, is for you.

Designed to be an easy step-by-step guide to common networking and security tasks, it covers installation and basic configuration through advanced networking and firewalling.

It’s also a thorough reference for the pfSense® system’s capabilities, including:

  • firewalling
  • port forwarding
  • bridging
  • multi-WAN
  • VPNs
  • traffic shaping
  • load balancing
  • wireless networking
  • redundancy
  • monitoring,
  • logging,
  • sniffing
  • packet capturing

You can now buy the book direct from us, and jump straight into getting more out of the pfSense® software.

Pre-made pfSense® software images for the WRAP

If you’re still using a WRAP board, you might also be interested in these pre-made pfSense® software images for the WRAP at

Don’t buy a monitor from us!

If you want to buy a fit-PC2, and your monitor only has VGA inputs but still works just fine, don’t waste your money on a new monitor.

Buy a DVI to VGA adapter instead.