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Solos and thanks for all the fish

Solos multi-port PCI ADSL2+ modems

We’ve finally got our hands on some stock of the Solos ADSL2+ 2-port and 4-port PCI modems. Thanks for being so patient.

Our stock is limited for now, although we do have more coming, so you’d better get in quick!

The Solos cards also fit nicely into our ALIX 1 “XL” and our new net5501 “XL” standalone boxes, and will soon be available on our rack mount net5501 (external power) and rack mount net5501 (internal power).

This, along with the Viking PCI 1-port ADSL2+ modem, rounds out our offerings from Traverse Technologies. We won’t be offering their Pulsar ADSL modem, as they’re not making any more of it.

MikroTik E44 4-port ethernet adapter

We now also have the MikroTik E44 4-port ethernet adapter (RouterBoard RB44) in stock.

The MikroTik E44 has four independent 10/100 VIA ethernet controllers with auto-sensing crossover capabilities, ideal for compact embedded systems and rack mount servers.

Use it to create multiple, simultaneous internet and/or LAN connections to ensure internet continuity, or segment your network for increased LAN security.

The net5501 “XL” is here!

Our new net5501 “XL” has arrived, and features a double-height case, available in black, black or black.

With a smaller footprint than the standard net5501, the net5501 “XL” is able to accommodate taller PCI cards than any existing net5501 case, maximising expansion card flexibility while minimising the desk space required.

You can add a 2.5″ laptop hard drive, as well as a miniPCI and/or PCI expansion card, including additional ethernet ports, allowing the net5501 “XL” to serve in a wide variety of applications.

ALIX 6-2 board now available

And finally, we’re now offering the ALIX 6-2 board.

The ALIX 6-2 includes two ethernet ports, 1 miniPCI slot and 1 miniPCI Express slot, ideal for 3G wireless expansion cards. Also onboard is 1 active SIM card slot and two USB 2.0 ports.

Note: This is the single SIM card slot version of the ALIX 6-2 board. Only the SIM card slot on the top of the ALIX 6-2 board is active at this stage. The SIM card slot on the underside of the board is expected to be active in a later revision of the board.

This board fits neatly into our ALIX 2 “bookshelf” case and also our rack mount case (dual board, external power) with ALIX 2-2 (including USB) options.

In other news…

Price changes

This month, our 512MB, 2GB Ultra II, 4GB Ultra II and 8GB Ultra II compact flash cards have all come down in price. Yay!

Extra bits

pfSense® v1.2.2 released

The pfSense® project have released v1.2.2 of their open source firewall package, and we’ve added our own ‘tweaks’ to it as well.

Visit our OS images page to download our updated ready-made images for the ALIX 2-2, ALIX 2-3 and net5501 or add one to your next order.

While you’re there, check out our handy “factory defaults” configuration script, and make your life easier.

100% hot air

We’re proud of the fact that our business runs on 100% wind power. Just though we’d share that with you.

Check out more of the other things we’re doing to minimise our impact on the planet in our stuff we care about section.