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Ring us from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call on our new telephone number – 1300 859 799.

Now it’s even easier to pick up the phone and give us a call. So you can treat us like we’re just next door.

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We’ve reorganised some of our product range to make your selections easier. Now the box and pack are the same product for each of the WRAP 1-1, WRAP 1-2, WRAP 2 Outdoor and the net4801.

And to make it easier to choose which options you need, you can now pick one of our popular bundles with a single click.

Want a WRAP 1-2 pack? Just click the ‘Pack’ link in the product pop-up and the appropriate options are chosen for you.

And of course you can still modify the options to suit. Choose a wireless card or an operating system or a larger CF card or a regulated power supply or a green case or a blue case or a…. well, you get the idea. And if you don’t like the product you’ve built, just click ‘Pack’ and start all over again.

We’ve also turned our wireless kits, our direct connect CF to IDE adapters and our 1RU server cases into single products with more options.

Please let us know what you think of our changes.

New and improved checkout page

Pay for your order by credit card

Want to pay by credit card but don’t want to use PayPal? Just select ‘Credit Card’ as your payment method and enter your credit card details. We’ll charge your card for you when we’re ready to ship your order.

We’ve created a super-duper system that encrypts your details using PGP before sending them to us. Now all we have to do is figure out how to decrypt them at our end!

Enter your details once

Tired of re-entering your details? Just select ‘remember my details’ on the checkout page and we’ll do the remembering for you.

Specify a separate delivery address

Want to send your order to a separate address? Just click ‘specify separate delivery address’ and tell us where to go!

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Want to see what you order is going to look like before you submit it? Well now you can. Just click ‘Preview Order’ instead of ‘Place Order’ for a sneak peek at your final order.

Just be warned, we don’t check your details when you preview your order, only when you place it.

Please let us know what you think of our changes.

In other news…

Price changes

Our CF card reader is now only $23. So what’s it going to be – a CF to IDE adapter or a CF card reader? Decisions, decisions!

Product changes

We’ve combined our boxes and packs into single products. Now you can pick all of the options you want in the one place – or choose a standard box or pack with a single click. We’ve also done the same with the wireless kits, the direct connect CF to IDE adapters, and the 1RU server cases.

We’ve decided to stop listing the reverse N-type pigtails and antennas on our website, but we still have some left, so ask us if you’re interested in a bargain. At the rate these babies have been selling, we’re sure to run out of stock any decade now!

CORRECTION: Our Senao 200mW miniPCI wireless card is actually Type 3A form factor, not Type 3B, as it was previously listed. Our apologies for any confusion.

Extra bits

m0n0wall images updated

Our monowall images for the WRAP and net4801 have been updated to m0n0wall 1.21. We’ve also added some more information about images sizes and CF card sizes to our OS images page. Please visit our OS images page for more information.

pfSense® software now in beta

You might also be interested to know that the pfSense® project has released its first beta version, which might be worth a look (

Credit card payments

We can now accept VISA, Mastercard or Bankcard credit cards but unfortunately, we don’t accept Amex or Diners. You can also contact us by phone or fax with your credit card details, if you prefer. Please note that we won’t charge your card until we are ready to ship your order.

For same-day shipping, you’ll need to place and pay for your order by 2PM, Melbourne time.

Please visit our shopping information and payment methods pages for more information.

Terms & conditions updated

We’ve updated our terms and conditions, to include our online credit card facility and our reseller terms.