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Want to be thin?

Standalone ALIX 1 now available

Wrap our new ALIX 1 case around an ALIX 1 board and build a very stylish, extremely thin client.

Here’s what great about our new ALIX 1 case:

  • powdercoated in a stylish gloss black
  • standard holes to suit mounting on the back of a monitor or on DIN rail clips
  • D punchout to suit SMA pigtail
  • captive nuts for the case screws prevent stripped threads
  • made from aluminium so they’re light yet durable
  • manufactured right here in Australia

Take a closer look at our ALIX 1 box or the ALIX 1 case on our ALIX 1 info page or our case info page.

In other news…

New products

Along with the standalone ALIX 1, we’ve added a couple of new cables to our online shop – a 44pin to 44pin IDE cable and a PS2 keyboard and mouse splitter cable. Both of these are suited for use with the ALIX 1 board.

We’ve also added a TDM400 bracket to our net4801 options, which suits our blue net4801 case. Please note that you’ll need to supply your own TDM400 VoIP adapter.

The Soekris net4801 green case is now only available as a separate product, priced at $50.

Product changes

We are now completely out of 128MB RAM WRAP 2 boards. We do still have some 64MB RAM WRAP 2 boards though, which are a pretty good option for many applications.

Price changes

Our net5501 mounting kits have gone up by $5 this month.

Extra bits

New iMedia ALIX Linux image

We’ve added a new operating system to our image collection – iMedia Linux from iTuner.

With a distribution designed specifically for the ALIX series of boards, iMedia Linux can be used to create thin client computing appliances such as interactive set-top boxes, personal internet access and other embedded applications.

Visit our OS images page to download it or add one to your next ALIX 1 order.

Zeroshell worth a look

There’s a relatively new Linux distribution called Zeroshell that looks promising because it supports VPN bonding for improved throughput and redundancy with multiple ADSL connections. Read all about it at

ALIX 2 & 3 update

PC Engines are now producing initial samples of their new ALIX 2 and ALIX 3 boards. Full production of the ALIX 2 and 3 boards is expected around late October. Check out our ALIX info page for photos of the boards.

Updated ALIX 1 information page

With the launch of our ALIX 1 case, we’ve updated our ALIX 1 page, with new photos and information.

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