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Water, wireless and WRAP

MarinaNet starts using the versatile and robust WRAP Series

Our featured case study this month is from AccessPlus, a provider of high speed Internet access to hotels, motels and other accommodation based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Their case study details how they started using our WRAP boxes for their MarinaNet wireless hotspot network along the Queensland coast.

Read more about it on our case studies page.

Website faster than ever!

Enjoy the ride

We’ve tweaked our website setup to make it load faster. We hope you enjoy the increase in speed and the decrease in frustration!

In other news…

Price changes

We sat down this month and took a good look at our prices. As it turns out, not much happened – just a few minor ups and downs to reflect changing costs.

In brief, some our Compact Flash cards and wireless cards have gone down a bit in price, and some of our pigtails, antennas and adapters have gone up a bit.

Check out our online shop to find out more.

Product changes

All of our reverse SMA pigtails now have the higher-quality u.fl type connector. The reverse SMA to I-PEX pigtails are no more. And so endeth the confusion, hopefully…

Our WRAP 1-2 products now come with 233MHz processors, instead of 266MHz.

This is because the AMD Geode SC1100 processor has been discontinued (EOL), and the 266MHz processor is no longer available. Supplies of the 233MHz processor are also limited.

This means that the WRAP and net4801 boards have to be redesigned to accommodate a new processor. News from the manufacturers is that this process is underway, and both the net4801 and the WRAP boards will be replaced with new and improved versions later this year. The new boards will have a new processor, but the same form factor and mechanical features as the old boards (i.e. the sticky-out bits will be in the same place).

We expect minimal disruption to supply as a result of these changes, and we’ll keep you posted as news comes to hand about the new WRAP and net4801 boards.

Extra bits

VoIP PBX using net4801 and Astlinux

There’s a great new article on smallnetbuilder about using a net4801 and Astlinux to build a VoIP PBX. It takes you through setting up the hardware and the software, and talks about some of the strengths and limitations of using this configuration. You can find a link to this article on our ‘Other Resources’ page.

‘How to’ guide for small computers

We stumbled across this great pdf book from O’Reilly called “Small form factor computers – How to build a computer that fits inside anything”.

It has all the bits you need to do some really cool things, including using a net4801 and FreeBSD to build a network monitor, making your own digital TV recorder and building a WiFi extender.

This book is a lot of fun and will give you many enjoyable hours making stuff you might even be able to use afterwards.

New FAQ: Unregulated vs regulated power supplies

We’ve added a new FAQ ‘What’s the difference between an unregulated and a regulated power supply?’ to help you figure out which power supply is right for you.

Bankcard no longer accepted

The Bankcard credit card scheme has been discontinued across Australia, and so now our range of accepted credit cards comprises Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diner’s Club.


And there’s lots of other small changes around the website, including minor changes to our terms and conditions, a new link to our terms on the checkout page, more quotes from happy customers, the addition of product thumbnails to search results, the ability to enter multiple Email CC addresses (comma separated) when you checkout, a ‘pay by credit card by phone or fax’ payment option, and various tidbits of information scattered around.

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