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2014 news and articles

Christmas and New Years hours for 2014

To help you plan ahead, here’s the important dates for our end-of-year period for 2014.

And thank you for your support this year and we wish you all the best for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season.


Update – September 2014

If you’ve ever wanted to add your own touch to the pfSense® software, then you might be very interested in our new tutorial on rebranding the pfSense® software.

Also in this month’s update:
– How to switch between Rident and pfSense®
– Shortage of ALIX 2-3 boards
– Rident 2.1.5 images now available
– First donation made to Voyage Linux
– Thank you for planting thousands of trees
– We have moved
– Changes to same-day shipping and hard copy invoices
– Tips & resources: Intel boot-up vulnerability, Use to run your own hosting, Hack planes via inflight WiFi


We have moved

As of today, we have relocated from our premises in Bayswater to an office in Boronia.

Please check our contact details page for our latest contact information.


Rident 2.1.5 now available

We are pleased to announce the newest release of our rebranded and optimised version of pfSense®, Rident 2.1.5.

Rident 2.1.5 is now the default version of Rident available on all of our servers.

pfSense 2.1.5 is primarily a security release. For full details of the changes in v2.1.5, please read the pfSense® documentation.


Update – August 2014

Rident firewall and router software is our rebranded, customised version of the pfsense® software, optimised for our hardware.

– How to install the pfSense® software on a net6501
– How to attach the heatsink to an APU board
– New Compex miniPCI express wireless card
– New 4GB Kingston CF card
– m0n0wall v1.8.1 released


Rident = our pfSense® software images with a new name

Our new Rident open-source firewall and router software, based on the pfSense® software, is now available.

It’s basically the same software that we’ve always offered, just with a new name and a new-ish look.


The pfSense® software usage terms have changed

The pfSense® project was acquired last year by a US company called Electric Sheep Fencing LLC, and as a result the usage terms for the pfSense® software have changed.

We will be working over the next several weeks to ensure that our website is updated to comply with the new requirements.

We are pleased to begin offering our new range of Rident™ firewall and router software images for download, which are based on the pfSense® software and optimised for our hardware.

We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion caused.


Update – June 2014

Follow along as we show you how to install the pfSense® software onto an APU board, using either the standard image from the pfSense® website or our Rident™ ready-made done-for-you images based on the pfSense® software.

Or download our ready-made Rident™ software images, based on the pfsense® software and optimised for the APU and net6501.

You can also sign up for email updates and support Voyage Linux.


Download a ready-made “Rident” image for the APU and net6501

If you’re looking to install the pfSense® software on an APU 1 board, then you’ll probably be very interested in our new ready-made Rident™ O/S images.

Our images are based on the embedded image from the pfSense® website, but have three important differences to make your life even easier:
1. The ethernet ports are pre-assigned
2. It doesn’t hang during boot
3. It resets to our factory defaults


Update – May 2014

The super-awesome APU servers are now available.
fit-PC2 end-of-life announced.
Congratulations to our competition winners.
New 8GB SD card now available.
New version of Voyage Linux released.
Add your own custom image for only $15.


fit-PC2 end-of-life announced

CompuLab have announced that the fit-PC2 and fit-PC2i will be end-of-life from October 2014.

Stock availability won’t be affected for now, but it’s a good time to stock up, pre-order parts or consider one of our other low-power desktop PCs.


Awesome APU servers now available

The new APU (awesome possibilities unlimited) server from PC Engines is here.

With a ton of features packed into the tiniest of spaces, it really is the most impressive embedded fanless server ever.

And we’re not at all biased. Not a bit.


Congratulations to our competition winners

We have three lucky winners who were the first to find five out of the six cat pictures on our new website.

Thank you so much to everyone for taking part in the fun! And if you’re itching to know where they were, then here’s a list of all six cats and their hiding places.

And have a cat-tastic day!


Cat competition hints

To help you along with our “find the cats” competition, we’ve decided to post some hints, one at a time.

So keep watching this page for more updates.

Or go looking for cats, it’s up to you.


Update – April 2014

Our new website is up and running! To celebrate, we’re running a “find the cats” competition where you can win heaps of cool prizes.

We’ve also added new products and more. Check it out.


Find the cats. Be the first. Win stuff.

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we’re running a competition.

Well, now our website has six. Six pictures of cats. Honestly.

And if you’re the first to find them, we’re going to send you some cool stuff.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go!!


fit-PC4 and Intense PC2 announced

CompuLab have announced two new miniature desktop PCs – the fit-PC4 and the Intense PC2.

They’re way faster than their predecessors, and all still packed into the same tiny, fanless enclosure.

They just keep getting better and better!


8GB Lexar CF card discontinued

Lexar, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to discontinue their 8GB Platinum II Compact Flash card.

We’ve bought up on stock, but once our supply runs out, we won’t be able to get any more.

We’re currently looking for other options and at the moment, the Kingston range looks promising.


Update – March 2014

Just a quick update to let you know about a new embedded board that’s coming soon from PC Engines – the APU – that looks incredibly awesome.

We’ve also been madly working on our new website and so haven’t been adding any new products.

If you’re after a Utilite, uSVR (MicroSVR) or a fit headless, please drop us a line, just in case we just happen to have some stock lying around.


New “APU” embedded board from PC Engines

The new “APU” embedded computer is more powerful than ever! It’s a cross between an ALIX 2-2, an ALIX 2-3 and an ALIX 6, with a dual-core 1GHz processor and 4GB of RAM thrown in.

With heaps of storage options (including support for a hard drive), 3 Gigabit ethernet ports, built-in 3G/4G support, the sky really is the limit. And it’s still just as tiny and fanless. O.M.G.

We like to think of the APU as “Awesome Possibilities Unlimited”. Coming soon!


Take a sneak peek at our new website

We’ve been promising this for a while, but we’re getting SO close I can taste it.

Here’s a screenshot of the new catalogue in case you’re a teensy bit curious.

We’re working really hard to keep the best bits of our current site, while adding lots of great new content and features, to make your transition to the new site as painless as possible.