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Get more “grunt” with an Eber

Our new rack mount servers have arrived!

Exclusive to Yawarra, the stylish rack mount Ebers are an enterprise-grade solution for slightly larger networks and more complex tasks such as intrusion detection and spam filtering. Starting at just $950 for the Eber 210, the Ebers’ low price and small size also make them ideal for running in a redundant cluster.

Completely fanless, quiet and cool, the Eber also has the capacity to support a standard hard drive for extra storage, file serving or logging. The ports are located at the front, not the back, allowing easy access for administrators and the CF card is tucked away securely under the board.

The rack mount aluminium enclosure has excellent heat dissipation properties and is only 190mm deep and 1RU high, which means that it will fit into the smallest of racks.

Read more about the Eber series on our new Eber product information page, size them up on our new Eber comparison page, or check out the Eber 210, the Eber 220 and the Eber 230 on the new rack mount page in the online shop. There’s also a quick comparison of the WRAP, net4801 and the Eber features on our small form factor computers page.

Switch into “Top Gear” and win!

Win a rack mount Eber worth over $1400

To celebrate the combined launch of our new range of Eber rack mount servers and our new case studies section of the website, we’re offering one lucky bugger the chance to win a “ducks guts” Eber 230, valued at $1470.

To win, all you have to do is tell us how using our products has helped you or your business. For more information, visit our “Top Gear” competition page (under ‘Case Studies’ in the menu).

In other news…

New products

How ’bout those rack mount Ebers, hey?

Price changes

Our 1GB SanDisk CF cards are down by another $10 this month to a mere $55. Dropping like a stone…

Product changes

We’ve split our old ‘computers’ page in the online shop into three – boxes, rack mount and boards – to accommodate our new range of rack mount Ebers.

We’ve also turned the old ‘Rack mount server’ into three separate products – dual rack mount WRAP 1-1, dual rack mount WRAP 1-2 and dual rack mount net4801 – and included two boards by default. You can still have the single board version by removing the second board.

We’ve completely run out of 256MB Biwin CF cards, and we won’t be getting any more.

And our WRAP 2 boards are now all 233MHz, as the 266MHz processor is no longer being manufactured.

Extra bits

New case studies section

We’ve added a new section to our website, to help you see how other people are making use of our hardware.

We’ve kicked things off with our case study, which looks at using monowall on a WRAP 1-2 to create an easy hardware firewall, and we plan to add more to the collection (with your help). Read more on our case studies page.

See us at AUUG 2006

Come and see us at AUUG 2006 – The Conference for Unix, Linux and Open Source Professionals, running from 10 to 13 October 2006 in Melbourne.

The conference features many overseas invited speakers as well as speakers from around Australia, and we’re pleased to be able to offer 20% off our entire product range to all conference attendees for the duration of the conference.

Visit RFShop for other pigtails and antennas

If you’re looking for pigtails and antennas that we don’t offer, try

Online shop and product information pages now better integrated

We’ve made some changes to try and better integrate our online shop with our product information pages.

You’ll notice a few changes around the place, including “More information” links in the product popups, a list of “Available products” on the product information pages and a little green next to links that launch a product popup.

Shipping cost added to cart summary

We’ve added our shipping costs to the cart summary, so now you can see how much it’ll cost without having to check out.

Just for fun


Tired of trying to guess how to say ‘Yawarra’ or ‘Soekris’? No idea where to begin with ‘Eber’? If you have nothing better to do, check out our new pronunciation guide in the FAQs.