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Prices up…

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Well, the bad news is that the price rise we promised in January has now happened.

The good news is that we were able to minimise it.

Except for the Senao 600mW, all our wireless cards went up by only $10, our ALIX computers by just $15, our net5501 computers by $30 and our adapters by a tiny $1 each.

And we’ve even managed to drop some prices too, on the Senao 600mW, a couple of CF cards and our net4801’s.

…and bargains aplenty

Bargain box now online

And our bargain box is now available online, as an extra page in our online shop.

So now you can quickly see what’s available at any time just by jumping onto our website – without having to rummage through your emails – and you can order easily online as well.

Pick up a bargain today!

In other news…

New products

The ALIX 3 Outdoor case is now available with 4 antenna holes and 2 ethernet holes (4A2E).

Just select the 4A2E case style in the options on the ALIX 3 Outdoor case, and make sure to choose the ‘pigtails x2’ and ‘antennas x2’ options to match.

Product changes

Our Senao 200mW wireless card has been discontinued, due to popular disinterest. You could try a CM9 or a Senao 600mW wireless adapter instead.

Price changes

As noted above, we’ve had some price increases this month.

We’ve also had some price drops as well, with our 4GB and 8GB CF cards dropping by $5 and $10 respectively, our Senao 600mW falling by $25, and our net4801’s tumbling down a huge $80.

And once our net4801’s are all gone, we won’t be getting any more, so get in while they last at these crazy prices.

Extra bits

iMedia 6.0.4

iMedia have not only released version 6.0.4 of their very groovy operating system, they’ve also created a CF card image specifically for the ALIX, which means we are now able to offer it on the ALIX 1, ALIX 1 “XL” and the ALIX 3 with VGA. Add it to your next order.