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Boards, boards, boards

Buy the board, the whole board and nothing but the board!

Having requested – and received – clarification from the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) regarding EMC compliance of our motherboards, we are pleased to now be able to offer the boards for sale without a case.

In order to comply with ACA emissions regulations, the boards will need to be housed in a suitable metal enclosure.

So you can now pick up a WRAP 1-1 or WRAP 1-2 board for $255, a WRAP 2 board for $200 or a net4801 board for $405.

In other news…

New products for May

If you’re after the bare minimum, you can now buy just the board. Get a WRAP 1-1, a WRAP 1-2, a WRAP 2 or a net4801 board without the case and save.

Having trouble getting stuff onto your CF card? One of our CF card reader / writers should do the trick.

Is it time to adapt? We now stock CF to IDE adapters, designed to mount a CF card as an IDE drive, in both FDD powered and HDD powered versions.

Extra bits

To ensure that shipping costs are fair and reasonable, we’ve improved our postage and handling calculation.

Now postage is only $9 for smaller orders (under 500g), and $13 for larger orders, shipped by Express Post. If your order is over $2000, we use registered insured post instead, at a cost of only $20. And if this doesn’t suit, let us know and we’ll figure something out!

Our list of FAQs is slowly growing, so next time you have a question, maybe you can find the answer on our FAQ page. This month we’ve added information about using the CM9s in a laptop, about what our computers are – and aren’t – and about discounts for quantity and resellers.

Fun stuff

We’ve added a quick poll to our front page, to give you the opportunity to tell us what you think. And believe me, we want to know. So please consider voting the next time you drop by.
This month’s quick question is about pre-installed operating systems, so if you have an opinion, it’s time to share it with the world!