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Unexpected demand for the fit-PC2 creates shortages

OK, so maybe we expected it a just a little bit. It is one very cool computer, after all.

But despite our best efforts, we find ourselves with almost empty shelves and customers clamouring for more.

We were going to do a song and dance about our new fit-PC2i Windows XP and fit-PC2i network (diskless) units, except we’re already out of the diskless and we’ve only two Windows XP left!

And we’ve already sold almost half of the units we have on order, which are now expected within a week or two.

On the plus side, we did manage to find a fit-PC2 basic wireless unit that we thought had run away to join the circus.

So if you’re after a fit-PC2, we suggest you place your order now, just to get in the queue.

We’re working hard to fix our supply issues, and hope to resume some normal state of supply shortly.

Our apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!

Do something awesome with a fit-PC2

Looking for something a bit different to do with a fit-PC2?

Matt Bunting at Arizona University has turned a fit-PC2 running Ubuntu 9.04 into a controller for one awesome looking robot.

Check out his demonstration video below.

Robotic spider anyone?

fit-PC2 booting

In breaking news, the latest fit-PC2s are now able to boot from the miniSD slot!

This means that the fit-PC2 now boots from all of its supported devices.

It also means you can boot from something that sits inside the fit-PC2, other than the hard drive.

And it supports SDHC so you can put something bigger than 2GB in it!

If you’re having trouble finding miniSD cards, you’re not alone. You can get a miniSD adapter pack from us, though, and use microSD cards instead.

And the fit-PC2s now also support overclocking, if you’re into that sort of thing.

No more Windows XP fit-PC2’s after 15th September

Microsoft in their infinite wisdom have decided to stop providing Windows XP licences for the fit-PC2.

Discontinuing a product that is selling so well seems like insanity to us. But who are we to argue with Microsoft?

So your last chance to buy a fit-PC2 with Windows XP will be mid September, depending on how our stock lasts.

If past history is any indication of future performance (which they’re always telling us it’s not), they won’t last that long!

New Geos ADSL2+ x86 router board

Traverse have created a mini-ITX board, with the same AMD Geode LX800 500MHz processor used in the ALIX and net5501 series of SBCs, and added a built-in multiport ADSL modem.

If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also made the RAM expandable, using normal laptop memory, up to a maximum of 512MB.

The Geos board’s features include:

  • AMD Geode LX800 500MHz processor
  • 2 x ADSL2+
  • 2 x 10/100 Ethernet
  • 4 x USB
  • Mini PCI socket
  • Compact Flash and 44-pin IDE header
  • RS-232 Serial

It’s expected to be available sometime in September.

We’ll keep you posted.


One of our customers recently brought an O/S to our attention called IPFire.

They found that it was the only solution that would run a 3G gateway on an ALIX and allow plenty of customisation.

According to the IPFire website, IPFire is a Linux distribution that is intended for use as a firewall.

It is easy to set up and has a strong focus on security. IPFire is maintained by experienced developers, who provide regular updates to ensure a high level of security.

Its intuitive web interface allows both beginners and experienced administrators to readily access its many features.

IPFire ships with a custom built packet-manager called Pakfire, so the system can be expanded with various addons.

For more information, go to

Tips & Tricks: How to access the BIOS on your ALIX 2 and ALIX 3

To enter setup on the ALIX 2 and ALIX 3 (without VGA):

  1. Connect to your computer via the serial console
  2. Press ‘S’ during the memory test on bootup