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The fit-PC2’s are back in town…

We finally have stock of all the fit-PC2’s and fit-PC2i’s, and we intend to keep it that way.

You’ve been incredibly patient while we sorted all of this out, and we appreciate that.

As our way of saying thanks, we’d like to offer you free freight on any order from now until next Friday, 27th August.

Just enter the code ‘AUG2010’ on your way through the checkout to claim this offer.

Got an extreme condition?

Add a heatsink to your fit-PC2, and use it in extreme environments.

Check out the cool fins…

Now available for both the fit-PC2 and fit-PC2i.

SSDs now available on fit-PC2s

If you need a truly solid state solution, as well as storage space, how about a solid state drive (SSD) instead of a hard drive?

With no moving parts at all, an SSD makes a fit-PC2 insanely reliable, utterly silent and able to operate comfortably in temperatures up to 70°C.

A 30GB SSD option is now available on all of our fit-PC2s, including our packages, for only an extra $70.

Get naked with a fit-PC2

Want one with a disk but don’t want Ubuntu Linux?

Now you can order a Linux fit-PC2, fit-PC2i or Linux package with no operating system, and your choice of 160GB hard drive or 30GB SSD.

Roll your own…

Finally! A four port LAN card with Auto-MDIX

The demise of the Mikrotik E44 left a big gaping hole in the world of auto-sensing PCI LAN cards.

Now Soekris Engineering have come to the rescue with their new LAN1741.

So if you’re looking for extra ports on your net5501, and you’re tired of plugging in the wrong cable, then this is the solution for you.

We expect it to be available in late October. We’ll keep you posted.

ClarkConnect becomes ClearOS

ClarkConnect has gone open source, and now offer their network/server/gateway software for free, renamed as ClearOS.

Based on Linux, ClearOS offers firewalling, VPN, web proxy, e-mail, groupware, database and web serving, and file and print services, along with a comprehensive web-based interface for easy configuration.

For more details, visit the ClearOS website.