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We’ve moved!

Now in bigger and better premises

We’ve just moved into new offices in Bayswater, Victoria, so some of our contact details have changed.

Our main number is still 1300 859 799, but our fax number is now (03) 9720 4518 and our alternate phone number is (03) 9720 4590. However, rest assured that our old phone and fax numbers will still work for some time to come yet.

You can check out our current contact details on our “contact us” page.

Otherwise it’s very much business as usual, and we look forward to being able to accommodate your growing demands!

In other news…

New products

No-one seems to make a good CF-only reader/writer any more, so we’ve replaced our SanDisk USB CF adapter, with a Transcend M3 USB multi-card reader. The M3 reader/writer handles Compact Flash cards, Microdrive, SD, miniSD, microSD, MMC and Memory Stick; it’s supported under Windows, Mac, Linux and BSD; and it costs less, so we’re confident that it’s a good alternative.

Product changes

We’ve decided to discontinue our Eber 230 rack mount product, and we apologise for any hassles this may cause you.

We are still are offering our Eber 210 for now, and we’ll be investigating good high-speed alternatives to the Eber 230 over the next few months.

Extra bits

Next month

Watch out next month for lots of things happening, including the new ALIX 6-2 boards from PC Engines and the Solos PCI Multiport ADSL2+ Modem from Traverse.