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Cat competition hints

Note: This competition is now closed. Check out the winners.

Magnifying glass

This is not a picture of a cat!

To help you along with our “find the cats” competition, we’ve decided to post some hints, one at a time.

So keep watching this page for more updates.

Or go looking for cats, it’s up to you.

And away we go…

Competition tips

Tip #1 – Don’t bother searching for “cat”

Did you really think we’d make it that easy?

You’re going to have to try a bit harder than that.

Tip #2 – There are no pictures of cats in the news

So you don’t need to trawl through every single news item, looking for cat pictures.

See, that’s just saved you almost 100 pages of searching!

Now only 200-ish left to go…

Tip #3 – There is exactly one product with a picture of a cat

Unfortunately, this does mean looking through all of our products until you find the cat picture.

But once you’ve found it, then you can safely stop looking at any more products.

And that might just save you quite a bit of time.

Depending on where you start, of course ;)

Tip #4 – Searching our site for ‘pfSense’ will reveal the location of one cat

So you can’t find cat pictures searching our site for “cat”. That’s true.

But you can search our site for other things, including the word “pfSense”, to reveal the location of more of our cats.

Happy hunting!

Tip #5 – Only five of the six pictures are of cats faces

There are actually six pictures of cats – yes, absolutely, scout’s honour.

But if you’ve been looking for cat’s eyes and cat’s noses, then you might have missed the one picture that does not include any eyes or noses.

Instead it includes something a little closer to the ground.

Tip #6 – Our cats are “green”

Our cats are passionate about many things – sleeping, staring, sitting – but they also care about sustainability…

Tip #7 – Do you think our cats would like to duplicate themselves?

Our cats are having so much fun wreaking havoc on our new site.

Let’s hope they don’t find a way to clone themselves…

Tip #8 – One of our cats loves being outdoors

Although you’ll find our cats scattered all over our site, one of them has a particular fondness for the outdoors.

This is our final competition hint.

All the best in your cat spotting adventures.

And have a cat-tastic day!

Note: This competition is now closed. Check out the winners.