Get free shipping within Australia on any order over $1000.

International orders

We’re happy to ship overseas

We are happy to ship our goods to you if you live outside of Australia.

However, there are some important differences for overseas orders that we’d like you to know about.


You are welcome to place orders online, or by email, fax or phone.

Although you can place an order on our online store without ever speaking to us, we strongly recommend that you contact us by email or phone first.

This gives you a chance to make sure that we have what you need, and that you end up getting what you want.

We’ll also take the opportunity to confirm pricing, availability and shipping costs for you.


All of our prices are in Australian dollars and include GST (Goods and Services Tax), which is currently set at 10%.

We don’t charge GST on international orders or for goods shipped to addresses outside of Australia.

If you enter your shipping details into our cart or checkout pages, the prices should automatically be adjusted to exclude GST (but please don’t rely on this absolutely).

GST will be removed from any items when you place your order, and before we issue you with a Proforma Invoice for payment.

To calculate the GST exclusive price of our goods, please divide our GST inclusive prices by 1.1.


We charge a flat $25 surcharge for all orders valued under $500, to cover additional costs that we incur in receiving your payment.

This amount is added to your shipping fee.


The shipping method we use for your order will depend on where you are and how much you’ve ordered.

We usually ship by Airmail or Fedex, but we can also use your shipping account or ship by international courier.

Please contact us to discuss shipping options and to get a quote.


You’ll need to pay for your order in full before we’ll ship anything to you. We don’t offer credit terms.

We only accept payment by telegraphic transfer (wire transfer) for international orders.

Most banks charge fees to send money by telegraphic transfer, so please ask your bank about fees before placing your order.

After you’ve placed your order, we’ll email you a Proforma Invoice, confirming the final amount you need to pay, along with our banking details.

Please allow 2-3 days after you’ve made payment for the funds to arrive in our bank account.

We’ll ship your order as soon as your money arrives in our account.

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